Being Present This Christmas

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sometimes the holidays overtake us. We're consumed with sales, wrapping, baking, parties, and that's just the first week in December!

Looking at my December calendar almost makes me cringe. It's full beyond measure.

A party for our Scentsy directors
Service projects for both of my Bible study groups
A Scentsy craft night
A benefit concert and auction at our house
Filming for a New Director Training program we're implementing
The Nutcracker with my mom and Addy
A Bible study Christmas party (complete with lunch and dirty Santa)
A filming of our monthly live Scentsy training: Online Steps to Success
A networking lunch
Lunch with friends
Addy's Christmas program
A family vacation to the Gaylord Texan in Dallas
A Christmas party at our house for the youth leaders at our church
Then it's my birthday
And then the Christmas shuffle begins.

I didn't even mention Christmas shopping or the fact that we might have a foster baby in the middle of all of this.

But, there really isn't anything I want to step away from. And don't worry. I am capable of stepping away from things. I know it doesn't look like it from reading the list above, but I can say no, and I have recently. Saying no is hard for me because I'm such a people pleaser, but I can officially do it.....that's a story for another day.

This year, I have every intention of being Present in the moment throughout the Christmas season.

I mean really Present. Not hurried. Not running late. Not too busy.

I want to be Present.

I want the words from Silent Night to overcome my soul when I hear them.

I want my children to have no question about what Christmas is really all about.

I want them to know that Christmas marks the day our Savior was born. That Christmas in our house is about giving to others and doing for others. I don't want it to be all about us.

I want it to be about Him. And I want to be Present throughout the next month in every gathering and every celebration to remember and honor and celebrate Him.

I don't want to be concerned with what's next. Where we're going or who we're buying for or what we should wear.

I just want to be Present.

I think it has to be a conscious decision. A things intentional....and celebrate and remember Christmas for what it is.

Will you join me in being Present this year?

Make an intentional commitment to be in the moment this Christmas. Let's be Present together. 105 of a year of writing.....


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I really have been trying to let the girls soak in the real meaning for Christmas too. It's so important... so eternal. We don't do many (may 1 or 2 family gifts) and we don't purchase for anyone else at Christmas... more giving to the ones who need it most. Love that we can help our kiddos see that from a very young age.

    ps... what is a dirty santa? sounds fun! pics of your Christmas winter wonderland i would love to see! When is your birthday (please email me your address) and Do I get to see you in January!?!?!?/ XOXO.

  2. Yes! I never want to rush through this time and I want to not only enjoy every moment but truly soak in why we do all that we do during this time. Even though Eli is still very young we already have a couple of ideas for teaching him to give back during this time of the yaer. i'm so excited to implement them into our family traditions as the years go by. Sounds like you have a busy but fun season ahead of you!


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