Photo Dump from Salt Lake City

Friday, November 18, 2011

Well, I didn't take a ton of pictures in Salt Lake City, but I took a few. In case you were is our re-cap of our three day get away.

We flew out to Salt Lake City last Saturday and came home on Tuesday. It was a very nice and needed getaway for the two of us.

It was snowing when we got there. 

A view of the snow capped mountains from downtown Salt Lake City.

Old cool. 

The trees were beautiful. 

A shot of our hotel, the Grand was great!

Mountains everywhere!

Our was a little fancy, but fun.

Yes, there was a lady playing a harp in the lobby. I told you it was kind of fancy. The first day we got there women were in the main sitting lounge having high tea in their dresses and hats. A little too stuffy for my blood, but it was fun. 

Yes! I took a bath every night. Nice. 

And they had robes. Love that about a fancy hotel.

Oh, it's fun to reminisce. 98 of a year of writing.....

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