Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well , we've had three giveaways around here lately that I have yet to pay out on, so, today is the day!

Let's give some stuff away!

Back up a few weeks ago, I asked you to check out a Beth Moore video via, and that I would give away a James: Mercy Triumphs member book to one lucky reader.

Congrats to Heather Mann at Life As I Know It. You are the proud owner of a new Mercy Triumphs member book.

I love Beth!!! Good to know about this is a great tool! I would love a chance to dig into another one of her studies :) Thank you for taking the time to write and inspire me daily.

In February I came home from the Women of Faith event ready to change, and with our Time Tracking Challenge entitled Every Single Thing You Do, I challenged you to change too. The deal was, you had to track your time for a week and comment every day to be in the running for $200 cash.

Congratulations to Diana Dawkins for winning $200 cash! Her name was drawn from all the readers who posted throughout the week of our time challenge. Congrats Diana!

Wooo! Hooo! I made it! I was so tired last night.  I went to bed before you posted!

This week has been an EYE OPENER! I have found that giving up things like getting on the computer, all the time, for example, I knew I was, but didn't really realize how much until I had to write it down. I thought, I am writing that down again? (We did not have one when we first were married, by the way. I know you are thinking gosh she is old-LOL). I felt David and I spent more quality time together, and we accomplished more and spent more time as a family. It is just so easy when you have teens, and everyone is just doing their own thing. Soon one teen will be gone and off to college-this fall. I learned this, I really need to cherish the time left with him and as a family, and not be so involved with my own agenda.

And lastly.....the Much Ado About You giveaway......

During our time tracking, my favorite planners went on pre-sale, and I told you I'd give one away. Congrats to Lori Atha for winning a new planner form Much Ado About You!

I dont currently use a planner, but have been looking for the perfect one. I have several but they just don't cut it! I have been looking at these since your last post, but think I will take the dive in now......I am such a scatter brain and I have got to get control of it! My husband tells me I have to make a list every night and even at that I still cant remember what all should be on that list...LOL

Congrats on your winnings, ladies! Look for another giveaway very soon! 214 of a year of writing.....


  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! Allison, I am speechless!(I know you are probably laughing now-since I am never speechless-it doesn't happen often, LOL) I am super excited and shocked all at the same time!!! Thank you so much!

    It is a blessing--with everything coming up for Ryan and senior year expenses and college beginning already fees, plus getting ready to pay for convention for Scentsy! Of course it is all due around the same time. You are such a blessing sent from God! Truly answered prayer! Through you God has spoke to me from reading this blog! Love ya girly! :)

  2. Oh my!!! I am beyond excited!!!! I have been wanting desperately to get into another study and have been letting things get in my way. I have been without a computer for a week and then out of town, so I am just now catching up on your blog this evening... I really do get inspired every time I get the chance to read your words- Thank you for what you take the time to do!


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