I'm Deathly Afraid Of....

Monday, March 5, 2012

I was minding my own business, printing a couple things I needed from my email while standing in my laundry room (because, yes, that is where I have to connect my wireless printer to my laptop). I'm sure it's the user and not the equipment.

It was then that a very small, but very swift mouse darted out from, I'm not sure where, and possibly ran over my foot.

I'm not positive that he ran over my foot, but there is a chance that he did.

And I screamed a blood curdling scream and did what must have looked like a wonder woman dive into the kitchen and onto the desk. Where I stood and shook and quickly remembered that I recently re-connected our house phone, so I could call Brian. Praise God! Because my cell phone was stuck in the laundry room with that deadly mouse!

He answered after I called him twice, because if you call your spouse two times in a row, it means you're serious. He laughed at me.

By this point, I'm crying because I don't know where that mouse is, and I'm legitimately horrified.

I know it is harmless, but in case you weren't aware, I am a control freak! And you can't control when an unwanted mouse is going to run across your very small laundry room and possibly over your bare foot.

I continued to cry and hyperventilate while Brian laughed on the phone. (And no, that didn't turn out well. He did not realize how seriously scared I was.)

So I stood on the desk and created a plan. I needed my computer and my cell phone (which were still in the laundry room). Remember when you were a kid and you played that game where you couldn't touch the floor because there were child eating alligators or deadly piraƱas in the "swamp" you were crossing (aka your living room floor). Well, I decided to play that game with my kitchen chairs.

Yes, I'm a grown woman, but apparently I do not like mice.

I walked the length of my kitchen countertops and stepped over to my kitchen table where I managed to move three chairs to make a row. I moved those three chairs, one at a time, to the hallway where the laundry room is. I leaned over the doorway and stole away my computer, phone, and the papers I was printing (of course!).

I then packed my "work bag," grabbed my purse, and using my kitchen chairs, I made my way to the master bedroom where Luke was asleep. I told Brian that I was not walking back into this house until he was home.

Unfortunately, this story is really anti-climatic. I apologize for that.

Nothing else has happened. There are lots and lots of traps in my house now. The nice kind, the sticky kind, the poison kind, and the "you eat the yummy food and you get snapped" kind.

I'm rather worried about waking up in the morning. I'm always the first one up, and I'm not excited about walking into the kitchen by myself. I told Brian that if we didn't catch at least one mouse in those traps tonight, I was calling a professional. And I will.

Oh, the other thing you might find amusing about this story is that I cried while putting in a load of laundry tonight. Cried and made Brian stand right behind me. (For the record, he did offer to do the laundry because he could sense that I was having trouble with something when I was standing outside the door shaking, but like I stated above, I am a control freak.) I needed to do it. But I wouldn't let him leave my side.

I had no idea I was so afraid of mice, but apparently I am.

That's it tonight. Nothing life changing or inspiring. Just me telling you that I'm afraid of mice. Seriously scared, people. I was begging Brian for a snake while he was setting up traps. I'm scared.

Apparently, I'm deathly afraid of mice.

.....day 206 of a year of writing.....


  1. I am so with you girl! Been on table and made my way across the house with chairs to the front door and making the call from the pouch and screaming at my nabor next door! I so feel you! Just FYI if there is one there is another close by. Just saying! Lov ya girl!!!!!

  2. Ahh!! I've done the same thing! Well, maybe not walking on chairs :), but I've done the super woman jump and ran across the house and wouldn't go back to the kitchen until I was satisfied that enough traps had been put out. lol That goes for spiders too!! I wish you good luck in catching the critters. :)

  3. I am so with you! Terribly afraid of mice but somehow became hysterical with laughter reading this!! I will probably be punished with nightmares but all I can say is better you than me!!!! BWAHAHA!

  4. Allison, that gave me a chuckle. But I am completely with you! I told David when we had mice last year, we caught 2. We were moving! They totally gross me out!

  5. LOL I think we have all been here at one point or another! From my experience there is never just one AND if you use those sticky paper traps, sure they are more "mice friendly & humane" but once one of those little "house guests" gets stuck on one they scream! Yes I said scream! We had a mouse in our condo when I was growing up and we put that paper down under the oven and one got himself stuck to the paper and then made these awful high pitched screaching sounds! Not good!!! Just thought I would let you know :) My suggestion would be poison! I know it sounds cruel but they have thse little boxes of "food" blue deadly food and the mouse goes in the box eats the food and cant get out. Then all you have to do is throw away the box. good luck & have fun!


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