Pregnancy Hormones Suck

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Well, my pregnancy hormones officially ruined their first party. Michael, if you're reading this, I promise I'm not crazy, it's the baby that's making me crazy! I'm so sorry I was the party pooper who abruptly ended your surprise party. Tell Dan I'm sorry, too. I know he doesn't read this.

Here are the boys from the party. They were nice enough to pose for a party pic for us. My girl pictures didn't turn out. : (

It was a great night that started at Upper Crust for a surprise dinner with a group of our friends from church. Then we headed over to the patio at Republic where we were all enjoying the beautiful Oklahoma night.

The only problem was that the group of people we were sitting next to were completely wasted. Immediately, I'm annoyed. Really annoyed. And they were being inappropriate and rude, and really just driving everyone crazy (especially me).

Then, about an hour into our night on the patio, one of the guys in the group next to us lights up a cigarette. Now, here's the deal. If smoking is your thing, no worries. I still love you. It's going to kill you, but I love you, as long as you're smoking in appropriate smoking areas. This patio was a non-smoking area, and these guys knew it. They had walked outside the patio a few times before to light up, and then apparently they got too lazy to get up again.

When the guy lit up the cigarette, I just about lost it. Of course, my pregnant nose instantly smelled it. So, I stood up to go inside to the bathroom.

I was hoping by the time I made it outside, he would be done. Wrong. By the time I got outside, there were three guys smoking, and the smell almost knocked me out the second I stepped outside. Now, if you have never been pregnant, let me tell you about the pregnancy superhero powers. When you're pregnant, you can smell anything and everything! You have a crazy heightened sense of smell. And in cases like this, your super nose can get you in trouble.

I immediately walked over to Brian who was sitting right next to the guys who were smoking and said (much louder than I intended to), "I'm going inside until those guys stop smoking!"

To which he replied, "Do you just want to go?"

"Yes! Yes, I'm ready to go!"

And then, without saying goodbye to anyone we were with, I walked back into the restaurant, straight to the front door, and out to the car. Wow. There is a word for that that rhymes with "witch."

Oh I feel awful! But I was pretty sure that 2 more seconds in that smoke and I would have gone crazy on the drunk people, and I'm pretty sure they would not have felt bad for breaking the rules and smoking on the patio. Then I can just see how it plays out....Brian could easily have gotten into it with them.....which would not have been good.

So overall, not the best night. I feel bad about ruining the party. (Everyone else left after we did.) And I feel really bad about not saying goodbye to anyone. I had a great time, until I smelled smoke, and it was like the crazy switch went off! I really promise you that I am not this psycho usually. I just hate feeling like I can't control my emotions.

In conclusion, pregnancy hormones suck! Mean people who smoke where they aren't supposed to and make pregnant women want to throw up also suck!

And Michael and Dan, I'm so sorry I ruined your surprise party! Happy Birthday! 225 of a year of writing.....


  1. Pregnancy hormones can be insane!! I remember flying off the handle on more than one occasion over something that I really shouldn't have. Your friends will still love on the other side of crazy. :)

  2. I once followed someone who cut me off to their destination and then proceeded to yell at them for putting me and my baby in harms way! In hindsight following a stranger to scream at them isn't a great idea!! And the smells...I could tell my hubby "go get the garlic bread it's going to burn" he would reply "the timer hasn't gone off yet" My nose was much better than the timer at judging time! Love that you are so real! :o)


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