Be Still

Monday, March 12, 2012

I think this is the first time I have sat down today. It's just been one of those days. I know you have them, too.

And even though, for a moment, I dreaded my commitment to this. To joining you here every single day no matter how I feel, now I'm happy. Sitting here with my fingers on the keys is like sitting down to coffee with a girlfriend. I never expected it to be that. But somehow this place has become comforting.

There are lots of changes going on in the Dalke household. Of course, we have two new foster babies that we're getting used to having around. We're become professional schedule jugglers.

We are also in the market for a new house. For quite some time, we've known that we want to be closer to our church and our family. So, the hunt has started, which means our house will have to go on the market soon......ahhhh! That makes me crazy just thinking about it. But it'll work out. It always does.

There are also changes coming to this blog soon, mostly to the design, but I've been super picky this time, and I'm really excited about the new look that it'll have before too long.

But, tonight with all the upcoming changes in our life tumbling through my mind, I really just want to seek Him. I want to know more than anything that I am walking in God's will for my life.

I read something today in my Beth Moore, James Mercy Triumphs homework, about how living in His will for our lives is not easy. It's a conscious decision we have to make everyday to die to ourselves to live for His purpose and His kingdom.

So, really tonight, I'm going to seek Him. And then I'm going to do it again in the morning and every morning after that and rest in the assurance that He is God.

I'm just going to be still. For once.

Maybe you'll do the same? 213 of a year of writing.....

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