Creating Space

Saturday, March 3, 2012

As we got further along in our foster care journey, we began to create space for whatever child {or children} God would bring into our home. You may remember me writing about my insane clean out sessions.

I believe it started in my master closet and moved to every kitchen cabinet, the pantry, our playroom, the upstairs' hall closets, my laundry room, and the list goes on. I literally cleaned out and created more space in every single place I could get my hands on in our house (with the help of my mom, of course). It was like extreme nesting.

Creating more space is a lot of work, but I knew that if we were going to bring another little person in our life, we had to create more space.

The purpose of this week of time tracking has really been to find ways to create more space in our schedule. We've asked ourselves: What do you do that's important? What do you do that is completely unimportant? What do you do that inspires you? What do you do that reenergizes you?

It was a search to find out. But in the process, I wonder if you've been able to create more space in your daily calendar? I believe that I have.

And interestingly enough, since we've gotten settled into our life with four kids, it's beginning to feel like I have more time.

Of course, I don't technically have more time at all. My time has actually been decreased when you add in the extra hours a day it takes to care for two babies, a toddler and a "big girl." I have to be committed to a schedule. There just isn't any time for uncertainty. I have to know what everyone is doing and when. We're moving like a fast running train now.

The daily tasks of laundry and dishes and cooking are things that used to simply annoy me at times, and now I am finding a eerie sense of joy in each of them. {Eerie in a good way of course.}

I'm learning that perspective really can change everything.

It has also occurred to me that if I want God to show up and have a say in my truly lead me the way I want to be led by Him, I'm going to have to create space for Him too instead of simply crying out to Him in times of crisis.

Do you have that desire? To know Him and have space for Him everyday? I do. Very much so.

And after this week, I feel like I have no excuses. I know what I waste time on. I know what I do that doesn't matter. I know what I do during my much needed down time. And I know that I have time for Him. I simple have to create the space in my day.

So what about you? Are you creating space for God to come into your life, speak to you, heal you?

He wants to be part of our everyday dealings, but when we don't create time to "be with Him" we aren't very aware of Him during the everyday happenings. He is willing to be a part of all of it, but are we creating space for Him in our lives?

You don't have to comment tonight. Instead, I'm challenging you to pray. Seek Him. Ask Him to show you how you can create space for Him everyday.

Go ahead.....create some space. 204 of a year of writing.....

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  1. I do desire that too! I am trying to make a consistent time each day for him, at the beginning of my day to read his word and pray, but I am always talking to him throughout my day! :)


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