May You Be Great....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sometimes I wish I lived far, far away from everyone and everything...where life was simple and uncomplicated and painless.

Sometimes I wish that. But I know that’s not reality.

I think my selfish soul wants be not have to help anyone else but live in “my own little world where it hardly ever rains.”

But, when I really start to think about my life, I want it to look like more than a “perfect little world” from the outside looking in. I want people to know what I’m awful at, what I struggle with, but I also want people to know what I dream about, what I wish for, what my heart desires.

What if we didn’t share those things with each other? What if we just kept trying to “make it through the day”?

It seems to me that the world often wants to silence us. The media and the news don’t want to know about the everyday people. Instead we hear stories that don’t matter about people we’ll never meet. Yet, we’re infatuated with them. 

 Let me ask you this....What if you did something great? What if you made a difference?

Sometimes I want to live far away so I don’t have to feel like there is anything “great” that needs to be done.

But, you know what? There are “great” things that need to be done all around us. Are we opening our eyes to them?

We often become stuck on the idea that whatever we do won’t really make a difference.  But, if you see a need that you can fill in any capacity, you will make a difference. Great things don’t have to be huge things. Great things can be simple things done through love and compassion for others. 

Are we willing to love others? It’s the second greatest Commandment in the Bible: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” 

If we really loved people like we love ourselves, we might be a lot more willing to go out and do great things.

My prayer for all of us this week is that He will open our eyes and our hearts to the needs around us and give us the confidence and guidance to go out and do great things. 

 May He show you just how great you really are.

And even in the smallest things, may you be great..... 215 of a year of writing.....


  1. Loved this! I so needed to be reminded of this, that we do make a difference even in the small things. :)

  2. You know just how to put things in perspective. This person hopes you don't go away becsuse there would be nothing for you to write about and I would miss all all of your greatness! You are very special!


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