It's Days Like Today

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's days like today when I think we're officially crazy for beginning this whole foster care process. It's not that I don't think I can't handle another kid....well...okay...sometimes I wonder.

But it's more about the logistics of another child. Where and how and when will everything get done?! I have a hard enough time attempting to get both of my kids in and out of the car as it is. How will I add one more to the mix?

I'm worried about how my kids will react to a new child being in our home even if it's only temporary.

I'm worried about how I'll react to a new child being in our home especially if it's only temporary.

I'm worried about how adding another child to our daily schedule will affect Brian and my's relationship. It seems like we just figured all this parenting stuff out to a degree, and now we want to throw a wild card in the deck.

It's days like today that I can't help but think I'm crazy.

Can I even do it? I often doubt that my heart is cut out for involving myself and my family in the foster care process.

But I also know that God calls us to be more than we ever think we can be on our own. He has bigger plans than even we can imagine for our lives. He challenges us to do His will for our lives even if it's not easy, even if it's scary, even if it doesn't make sense. 

So tomorrow we meet with our Certification Specialist and the process begins.

Last night I was thinking about how much easier it would be for us to get pregnant and just have another baby. (Or at least I think it would be).

But I feel like we were called to take this journey; to see who God would bring to our family in a not so traditional way. I know He's challenging us.

One of the reasons I think we finally made the decision to begin the Foster Care process was because I read the Fostering Hope devotional on

You can read it too by going to

For more information about becoming a Foster Parent, go to or

Day 12 of a year of writing...

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