When God Gives You Margin...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Today was one of those days that I probably over scheduled myself. Really, my entire week was probably over scheduled. To say the least, I had no "margin." No extra time, no extra leeway, no margin at all.

Months, maybe even years ago, our pastor did a series on Margin. He talked about how over scheduled we are as a society and about how we often don't have time for the things that truly matter like God and our families. We all lack margin in our lives.

Since yesterday, Luke has been running a fever. Nothing severe. Around 100.
We had a rough night last night. He obviously didn't feel well this morning, and I knew he wanted to be around his momma.

So I cancelled a lunch appointment I had with a dear friend (and Scentsy director). I stuck around the house, and when he woke from his nap covered in sweat from head to toe, I was there to snuggle him. It appeared that his fever had broken.

Addison (who is weaning herself off a daily nap) was also awake, and within 20 minutes, Brian was home for the day as well. We had a meeting scheduled for 3:30 with our financial planner. Since Luke was still not 100%, we decided to reschedule that meeting until next week.

The wonderful thing in it all was within an hour, Luke was playing, and we were all home without a single scheduled activity, phone call, or appointment for the day.

And suddenly God gave us margin.

We found ourselves curled up on the couch watching Cinderella, eating popcorn and M&Ms. The afternoon that should have been busy, busy was full of nothing but us, and it felt so good.

Before I knew it, UPS showed up with a box the size of a small child (Brian bought a new bow) and without realizing it, I was encouraging the kids to play with the foam popcorn. (Not my personality at all.)

But I had no other agenda. Nothing else on my mind, except my family. And I found myself remembering that this was something I was supposed to make sure happens. It was so good. And honestly it all happened because my little man wasn't feeling like himself. It was like God needed to remind me that this was all too important. And it is.

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  1. Margin... what an excellent topic. I need to take this advice... ALWAYS overbooking our days :(


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