The 7 Day Card Challenge

Saturday, August 27, 2011

There is something about a handwritten note. It's authentic, understood, and appreciated.

For some reason, handwritten notes are always understood in the context they were meant to be understood in, unlike a text or an e-mail, both of which can be misunderstood easily.

One of the things I have always done in my business is write handwritten cards. I wrote them for every person who ordered or came to a party in the beginning.  I still do that, but I now also write cards to team members as they promote or celebrate a new milestone in their business.

Notes take time to write, but the message they send is always clear....

You are appreciated! 

I love it when I have the chance to write a handwritten note for a personal reason. Even as the writer, a note makes me feel better just for writing it, and I know it makes the person pulling it out of the mailbox feel even better than it makes me feel!

My husband and I even write each other notes on our bathroom mirror every once in a while. I know it's silly, but there is nothing that makes my day like a sweet note telling me how appreciated I am. It can literally change any day.

So when's the last time you wrote out a note and sent it in the mail or snuck it in a backpack or a lunchbox, or on the dashboard of someone's car?

Your words are powerful, especially when spoken to others in the form of encouragement and appreciation.

Try it this week. Start tomorrow. Write someone a card.

Send one to your grandma, leave one for your spouse to find, mail a note to your 5 year old, or leave one for a stranger to discover. Write one card for 7 days in a row, and see how good you feel at the end of the week.

Are you in? Can you do it? 7 cards, 7 days, 7 people. 

I dare you. And only because I know that it'll make a great change in you through your written appreciation of others.

Your family and friends may forget the things you say, but they'll never forget the things you write.

Post a comment and let me know if you'll join us for the 7 day card challenge. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

....Day 15 of a year of writing....


  1. I'm TOTALLY doing this. IT has been on my heart for awhile to send cards to several people in my life and the only thing that stops me is procrastination. This is the push I need!


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