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Sunday, August 21, 2011

We have had a rough few days with our 2-year-old, Luke. It started Thursday with a fever and just kept getting worse.

Friday as his fever continued, I had that gut feeling that something really was wrong. I called to get him in the pediatrician's office, and they couldn't get him in. Plus, they said since his fever was only around 100 with no other symptoms besides a decreased appetite, they weren't too concerned.

Friday night, my suspicions were confirmed. Something was definitely wrong. We were up every hour or so. He was crying uncontrollably and couldn't be comforted. We moved from the recliner to the couch to our bed to his bed and then we'd do it all over again.

Saturday morning, Brian left the house early to drive to Missouri to pick up a car he bought on Ebay. When Luke woke up for good at 6:30 a.m., he spent a good 30 minutes crying while lying on the floor (only because he didn't want to held by me).

I knew that my morning plans were ruined. My team meeting (with 18 confirmed guests) would have to take a different turn. That's when I called my sister-in-law, Jacquelyn, who came to the rescue to take over my meeting.

I made an appointment for Luke at our pediatric emergency clinic. That's where the doctor discovered the 4-5 canker sores at the back of his throat.

She told me that it would not be uncommon for his fever to run up to 104 with this virus. She also informed me that he would be in a lot of pain, and there wasn't much we could do for him besides rotate Tylenol and Motrin every 4 hours.

The doctor then proceeded to tell me that the sores could last as long as 7 days. (Not on my prayer watch!)

The remainder of Saturday was spent with Luke in my arms. Praying over him. Asking for healing of the sores in his throat and attempting to make him comfortable.

We left him on Saturday night with Amy, our amazing babysitter. She loves him like he was her own, and I knew he would be in good hands. Brian's 10-year-high school reunion was held in downtown Oklahoma City, and I knew he wanted to be there.

We had a great time, but ended up leaving about 10:00 p.m. We headed home to another night of sleeplessness with our little guy.

Church was not in my plans this morning either. I was very much looking forward to the drive to church and the opportunity to talk to other adults. But he was not himself this morning at all.

We had a meeting for our women's ministry event (coming up this Thursday, August 15th at 6:30 p.m...look for a post this week with all the details). Brian took his computer to church and skyped me in.

It was not the easiest meeting I've ever been a part of, but it worked. One of the amazing women on our team stopped the meeting (well actually she interrupted Luke crying in the middle of our meeting) to pray for me and the kids. It was timely and perfect. We needed someone to step in and pray for us.

I can't help but think about how the devil tries to get in the way of so much good, and prayer through Christ trumps him every time!

When Brian got home from church, Addy and I headed to the grocery store. When we returned, I found Luke sleeping on the couch nearly sitting up.

I had been praying over Luke for two days as had Brian and Amy, but I knew that the more prayers, the better. So I posted his picture on facebook asking for prayers and posted on my
Bible study page asking for strong prayers of complete healing of the sores in his throat.

I thought tonight we had taken a turn for the worse. Brian and I were scheduled to have dinner with some friends from church. I decided I wasn't at peace leaving him. My sister, Whitney, and her fiance, Kris, came over (originally to watch the kids while we went to dinner). They stayed to help me with Addison even though I decided not to go to dinner.

Addy got to play with Kris (whom she LOVES), Whitney made dinner, and I held Luke on the couch. He was lethargic and almost unresponsive. He woke at one point to take a drink of juice and eat one bite of watermelon to then fall asleep almost immediately.

And then, almost like magic, he was himself. He wanted to take a shower, and then he wanted to "westle" aka wrestle.

I saw a smile that I have not seen for two days.

I know that anyone could say that it was just him getting better. I know that he was bound to get better eventually. But there were a lot of people praying over this little guy today. And it was as though someone flipped a switch.

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that as a Christian, we have the power of Christ inside us. God doesn't always answer prayers for healing, but He does always have His kingdom in mind. And when you pray through faith, miracles can happen.

John 15:7"If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be given you. This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples." (ASV)

Day 9 of a year of writing 

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  1. This is awesome! Praise God!

    Your little man is such a cutie. Good to hear he is healed from the sores!


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