His Comfort is Enough

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes I just want to be comforted. Being so many things to so many people gets hard. Being a wife and a mom and a business owner and a leader eventually takes its toll. I usually have it all together, but sometimes I only have pieces of it (my sanity that is...).

I never notice it until it's here. The downward spiral that takes me to the place where I need comfort never shows itself until I'm at the bottom. Things are great, and then before you know it, things are so far from where you thought they were.

Sometimes I just want to be the weak one. Sometimes I get tired of being the strong one. Sometimes I just want to be comforted.

Tonight was one of those nights.

All I wanted was to run into the arms of my Savior. There was nothing else. I just wanted to feel Him. I just wanted to be comforted by Him. I just wanted to be told it was okay.  I do a lot of telling other people that it's okay, and sometimes I just need to hear it for myself and feel it from the true and only Comforter.

I just wanted to be in His arms and nobody else's. To know He was there; to feel Him; to be in His presence.

I believe all day, everyday, over and over and over again. And then I let doubt slip in, and then I let fear slip in, and before I know it I watch myself slip farther from Him than I want to be. Then all I want is to be back into His arms.

That's where I found myself tonight.

Running....as fast as I could from one place to the next so that I could be in a place where I could stand in His presence and worship Him and cry and be comforted.

Nothing else. Nothing big. Just comfort.

I don't need any explanations. No reasons. Just comfort.

I'm not asking to understand it all or to know the answers. Tonight I just wanted to feel Him; to know He was there; to be in His arms and to know that He was enough. And it is. Every time.

His comfort is enough.

Day 6 of a year of writing....

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