What I'm Loving Wednesdays!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Wednesday again! And I am once again going to share what I'm loving this Wednesday. I'm really just sharing because I want to see what I'm loving. It's kind of fun. You should try it.

1. I am loving the excitement about our upcoming online Chazown Experience! I am so excited about the response and all of you out there who are excited to get started. I can't wait to dive right into it. If you're joining us, pick up a copy of Chazown online at Amazon.com. I know you're going to Love the experience.

2. I am loving the favors for my sis-in-laws' baby shower this weekend.
Aren't they precious?! I have to give a million thanks to Ashley Prudhom for putting them all together. They turned out adorable.

3. I am loving the fact that my momma is coming to visit this weekend! Honestly, she's here a lot, but I love it when she's here. She'll be here to help me with Jacquelyn's baby shower, Addison's first ballet recital, and all the fun things that go along with those events.

4. I am loving Modern Family. It is pretty much the only show I watch on TV. And it makes me laugh! Plus, it's only 30 minutes, so it's easy to squeeze in to my crazy schedule.

5. And lastly, I'm loving Google Chrome! It's Google's browser, and it's amazing! The web address box (where you type in the web address) doubles as an instant search bar. It has apps that show up on your home page to get you where you go most frequently on the web. It has customizable background designs, and most importantly, it's fast! Just wanted to share, because I really do LOVE it! (Thanks for the suggestion Amy!)

What are you loving this Wednesday?! 

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