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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today, for the first time ever, I pondered what it would be like to not have deodorant. I know that's completely random, but I think it's something that I thought I would just always have. Until today...

Living in Oklahoma means dealing with tornados, and all the furry they can leave behind. Unfortunately many times they leave nothing behind. Literally nothing. My sister, Jacquelyn, has a friend who lost her house last night. She and her baby were safe in a shelter, but there was nothing left of the place she once called home.

Where Natasha's house once stood

Jacquelyn and her friend Katy rallied the troops and got busy this morning, doing everything they could to help Tasha and baby Wyatt begin to start over. They went up to Mercy hospital, where Tasha is a nurse and received over $3,000 in donations in a little less than 10 hours. Donations began to flood in from everywhere. Jacquelyn and Katy went to purchase items for Tasha like shampoo and conditioner, a hair dryer, razors, soap, make-up, etc. Since Jacquleyn and Katy don't have babies yet, I volunteered to pick up all the items baby Wyatt would need to function over the next couple of weeks (sippie cups, snacks, blankets, a stroller, diapers, wipes, a high chair, toys, baby soap and lotion, a car seat etc).

Today I walked into Wal-Mart overwhelmed. How do you even begin to help someone start from nothing? It seems impossible and daunting. To attempt to replace a lifetime's worth of just seems like it can't be done.

In the midst of my shopping frenzy, I found myself standing in front of the deodorant isle in tears thinking to myself, "she doesn't even have deodorant." It seems like such a small thing, but when a tornado takes everything but the foundation of your house, it means you have nothing.

I just had never thought about what it would entail to start again from nothing. To have nothing. As I write this in my home full of the comforts of modern America, I find myself thinking about how all the "things" we have really don't matter.

I know I often become wrapped up in the things we have and the place we call "home." But I know in  my heart, that it's just a building with walls filled with things. I can't take any of it with me when I go to the place that God has prepared for us, our true home in heaven.

And although yesterday was a very scary day for much of Oklahoma, I had a peace that I've never had before, and I really think it was due to my continuously growing relationship with Jesus. I stood on this promise last night and will continue to:

Never will I leave you; 

 never will I forsake you
Hebrews 13:5

May you be blessed tonight amongst your things while knowing that it's all simply castles in the sand and that no matter what leaves you in this life, He never will.

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  1. This post moved my heart so much. I pray that even now - a few months later - your friend has begun to rebuild her life and is feeling an amazing sense of community and love. I too once lost my home in a tornado. I was only three years old at the time so it's effects were not that devistating to me as they were to my parents. But nonetheless, I do have some understanding of rebuilding from nothing. I'll keep your friend in my prayers - and her little guy too. My heart has been totally moved.


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