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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Okay so don't make fun of me, but my car is a little nerdy. Even though I have a mid size SUV, with my 2 toddlers and their 2 car seats, we don't have a ton of room, so I've had to make the best use of the space we have. I want a bigger car, but really want to pay cash for one, so we have a little way to go.

I have also had to find the time to wash and vacuum my car every week simply for my sanity!

Of course I have pictures!

This is a fabulous front seat organizer that I found online on the franklin covey store. You can find it online by clicking here. And I love it!

As you can see, I have all kinds of things stuffed in there, and the best part is, I still have room to put things there as I need them. When I have someone riding with me, it simply swings around to face the other way.

Of course, I have business cards handy as well as a room spray and scent circles....the girls at Sonic LOVE me! ; )

I also have a great little receipt filer stuffed in that front seat organizer. It works great to keep business receipts in so they don't have to live in my purse. 

I also carry thank you notes and blank notecards right there in the front seat so that I can quickly write cards while I'm waiting to pick Addy up from school. 

I also keep a basket in my front seat with kleenex, baby wipes, and a place for my purse. It can be easily moved to the trunk when someone needs to ride with me. 

Now on to the back of the car...

I have a huge storage box (found it at It keeps my trunk looking clean while carrying around all the junk we need. I have tons of stuff in there: 
a blanket for the park
umbrellas in case of rain
backpacks for both the kids
our ballet bag
trays for when we eat on the go
extra wipes
shopping cart covers
bubbles for emergencies 
and more! 

Also in the trunk of my car, you'll find a cute little utensil organizer that has become my Scentsy info I'm never without Scentsy! 

As you can see, I've got it loaded with catalogs, party invitations (in case I book a party at the grocery store), join brochures, host brochures, order forms, more room sprays, a fragrance foams, and a calculator....everything you need to run your business on the go!

And I really love utensil organizers. I have another one in the back seat for the kiddos.

And it's stuffed full of snacks! Since we now travel from Edmond to Yukon at least a couple times a week, we have to have snacks to keep everyone happy, and instead of trying to round things up each time we head out the door, I stock the car once a week.

I try to use all the boxes, bags, etc. from my pantry that are running low. I sort everything into small snack baggies and stock up the utensil organizer with any kind of snack you could need or want.

They live in back seat where the kiddos can get to them easily if need be. I can reach them as well.

We also have a DVD player in the car (that I am soooo grateful for!), but sometimes my kiddos get bored. Luke LOVES to look through books. I have a basket stuck between their car seats will with books, small, toys, and coloring stuff.

This has been a lifesaver! They can reach everything, and I don't need to reach for anything while driving.

And lastly, my mobile office. Since I work from home, from our actual office, and often from my car, my desk often travels around with me. I have a great big bag that holds my laptop, planner, and any other things I'm currently working on so that I can go from room to room in my house or from place to place easily. 

Now, you may not have small kiddos, but you can still make your car organization make you more efficient and more productive while you're on the go. Enjoy the ideas!


  1. SCREAM!!! (that's a happy scream!)
    I NEEDED this! so thank you thank you!

  2. these are great tips, love them as i am always leaving something in the car or can't find it because it rolls around and between the seats. this will help my little one keep her many kiddo purses at hands reach as well. thanks Allison!


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