Sponge Rollers and Big Boy Beds

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tonight we're up late getting ready for my sister-in-law's baby shower tomorrow morning. I love hosting until the day before when I have to find hiding places in my house for all our crap ;).

That's a little bit of an stretch, but not much. I do love hosting things at my house because it ensures that my hubby will get all his honey dos done! And he did today! He re-hung our curtains (that had been pulled down by my kiddos), he hung up our new chandelier, and he even made me a really cute cupcake stand for the Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails baby shower tomorrow. Oh, I can't wait to show you pictures! I love the details!

But aside from all that, tonight I feel like my babies are growing up. Luke has been climbing out of his bed for a few nights now, which I find incredibly creepy. I hate it when little kids get out of their beds unexpectedly. Brian thinks I'm weird, but it really does creep me out.

So I bought him a "big boy bed" a couple days ago (which Brian put together today). Ask me later how that's going because I can assure you that he's not sleeping in it right now. But he is sleeping with his sister! So stinking sweet. He kept getting out of his new Buzz Lightyear bed (which I just knew he would LOVE and stay in), and he kept crawling into Addy's bed. She was stoked about having a snuggle partner, so asleep they are.

On top of all the "my house is about to be crib less mess," Addy has her first ballet recital tomorrow. I am so excited. We put sponge rollers in her hair tonight as a practice run, and all the memories came flooding back. I miss those days on the stage, and it's fun to watch her shake her little tush up there.

She's excited about wearing make-up and going to eat at a restaurant. (She doesn't even know about the flowers yet!) I know she's only 4, but I can't help but look at her and wonder how it's been that long. And Luke....don't get me started. All too soon I won't be able to get away with calling him my baby.

Oh, how it breaks my heart that they get bigger, but oh, how I love them more each day. I dream about the little people they are going to be, and I can't help but feel the pressure. I want them to be good kids and even better adults. I want them to love Jesus and tell the world about Him. And I want them to know that they can do anything they want to do and be anyone they want to be. When I think about it too much, it's a lot of pressure, but I know that step by step, day by day, (hey wasn't that a theme song once?) it'll all work out (or at least I hope so.)  

I'm sure it will.

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