The Night of Preparation

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tonight we once again set out to prepare for another Scentsy training event. We started hosting these events back in August of 2009. We hosted 500 Scentsy consultants for our first big event and haven't looked back since. Last August we hosted over 800 consultants at the Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma.

We've had a great time learning how to host large events like these. Brian has been a vital part of our event organization, and I could have never pulled off everything we've done without him.

This time, Jana Holcomb organized the entire event. She took it and ran with it, and she has done an amazing job.

We met tonight with part of core committee to get all the last minute details together. Here are just a few pics (really bad ones from my phone) from our night of preparation.

We headed to dinner to grab some fuel at campus corner. Yummy!

That is Brian and his rice ball.

I had thank you notes to write while we were at dinner. I don't usually approve of multi tasking, but I kind of had to tonight to get it all done.

After dinner the girls had to have some dessert to get us ready for the last minute work we had to do.  Cheesecake, chocolate cake, AND pecan pie. That's how we roll! Just a little sugar high!

Then we headed up to the room to finalize powerpoints presentations, print bios for speakers, and walk through all the things that had to be done in the morning.

This year we're heading to bed before 2:00 am which means we're getting better at this! I can't wait for tomorrow. We're going to have a great day helping other women discover new and unique ways to run their businesses while still having time for it all.

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