When you get overwhelmed

Saturday, October 4, 2014

I know. I know. I haven't been writing like I said I would. I do fully intent to catch up because so much has been going on in our little family.

I'm currently working through and attempting to get over being overwhelmed. I don't know where that naughty little feeling comes from, but it always seems to sneak up on me. 

Yesterday, I drove 30 minutes to the Fostering Hope clinic for a follow-up appointment for Baby A. After parking, unloading, making our way thru the hospital and into the clinic, and then waiting on an available receptionist only to hear that Baby A wasn't on their schedule, well that's when I broke. 

I managed to get back to the elevator and into my car before letting the tears fall, but that was the breaking point. 

And then I cried again while lying in bed. I couldn't explain why I was overwhelmed. I just was. 

But it's that feeling of being stretched so thin, that reaffirms that I need to step back and look at where I can re-access, where I can do less, and where I can do more. So I am. This weekend, I'm simply trying hard to not try so hard. If that makes sense. 

I'm focusing on being a wife and a momma and a Scentsy and Velata consultant, and I'm not so worried about all the rest. 

I spent this morning baking and cooking for my family and prepping for a Velata tasting/Scentsy party tonight (that was fantastic!). I didn't worry too much about my to do list. I just loved on my babies and my hubby. It felt nice to breathe. 

It's time to work the de-cluttering plan....not physical clutter, but all the clutter. I want to make sure that whatever I do, I do well. I don't want my hands to be busy with just anything. I want my hands to be busy with things that matter. 

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  1. The Best Yes !!! You need to read this book ! You need to be gentle to yourself !! It's taken me 40 years to realize it ��


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