October...sweet October

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's the first of October and I wish I had made a gloriously warm and cozy soup for dinner after wearing boots all day long to celebrate what feels like the official start to Fall. But it was 93 degrees in Oklahoma today so neither of those things happened.

But my house certainly looks likes Fall, all the way down to the wild sunflowers my hubby cut for me today. 

My calendar looks like Fall too. It is ridiculously full. I love this time of year, but if I'm not careful, it can be here and gone in a moment. 

I usually sit down at the beginning of every month and set goals for the month both for my business and my family and home.

And I'm doing that this month as well, but this month my goals look different. I have goals for sales and team building and all those things in my business for sure, and I have goals for the time I plan to spend with my babies, and I even have goals for fitness and downtime.

But the most important goal I have this month is to create margin.

This time of year is simply crazy. It's a good and beautiful and messy crazy, but it's definitely crazy. I have to make an intentional effort to create margin in my life.

We are not infinite. The day does not have more than twenty-four hours. We do not have an inexhaustible source of human energy. We cannot keep running on empty. Limits are real, and despite what some stoics might think, limits are not even an enemy. Overloading is the enemy. ~Richard Swenson
 It's time to cut back. It's tome to prune so we can bloom. What do I really need to spend my time and effort on? What can wait?

This month is about making room. It's about being intentional with my time. It's about finding white space so I can breathe.

My goal this month is margin.

What is yours? 

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