The 1st day of School

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's official. We have tried every kind of school there is. Private school, public school, home school, Christian school. We should win some kind of "try every possibility" award. 

Last year, we made the decision to take Addison out of public school and homeschool her for 1st grade. It was the right decision for her for that year. And it was a joy. We loved having her home and loved teaching her. 

But as the end of the year approached, we started discussing this school year. Would we homeschool both of them? A kindergartener and a 2nd grader with a 2-year-old in tow and a foster baby and a business to run? Can we do that? Do we want to do that? Is that what's best for everyone? 

After much prayer and discussion and more prayer, we decided that homeschool wouldn't be the best option for this year. We started touring private schools late last Spring. 

We found a couple schools that we loved. We knew we wanted a Christian curriculum and a high level of parental involvement.  Of course, there are waiting lists and applications and all that goes along with private school, but we did it.

And we found a little gem....only 5 minutes from our house with Christ at the center of it all, and I'm happy. 

But even today, I cried and doubted because that's what I do as a momma. I want so badly to make the right choices for do what's best for their little hearts and souls. I want them to grow and prosper and be leaders and be kind and give love to the world. I want them to love learning and love Christ. 

So here we are. At the beginning of another school year, trying something new again. Maybe we've got it right this time. I hope so. I won't pretend I have this all figured out, but I will fight for the best education for my children....that's ultimately one of my most important jobs as a parent. 

Even though the day started a little rough for Luke, as you can tell....

he came home happy and joyful and thrilled to be in kindergarten. 

And I knew this one would love school. She was practically begging for it. The classes are small so there is only 1 girl in her class {who told Addison that she had been praying for the Lord to bring a girl to her class!} and 4 boys. And she's in heaven. 

Here we go.....this year is going to be a whole new adventure. 

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  1. Love this! The school sounds amazing and I pray that you all are truly blessed by it! :)


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