Because I'm Better When I Write

Monday, August 11, 2014

In 2012, I wrote 232 times. Over the course of a single year, I wrote every single day for a year. Lately, I've been missing this. Writing. Words on the page. My brain on the page, really. 
But writing everyday is hard and a huge commitment. And honestly it's not really a blog when I write everyday; it's more of a journal. I know that. And I'm okay with that. 

Maybe a journal is what I need. I watched several youtube training videos that I recorded in 2012. It was the year that I wrote every single day. It was the year that we had 4 babies in our house (2 of them, foster babies), and I was better then, than I am now. 

And I want that back. I don't know why writing makes me a better person, but I know that I'm better when I write. I don't do it sometimes because I worry about what people will think. Isn't that silly? 

So I guess this is an announcement?.....I'm writing everyday again. 

That's a hard and weird thing to say, but I need to. So if you're up for some crazy, because I'm sure you're going to get it (since it's every single day), follow along. It'll be interesting to say the least. You'll get what's rolling around inside my head most days. 

Here's to a year. Because I'm better when I write. 

Thanks for the encouragement and accountability friend. I love you so. Let's write everyday and see how the Lord gets glorified through it. 


  1. <3 Proud of you girl! #childrenofthelight #everyday

  2. Allison, I've been reading your posts and am encouraged. Your posts are about every day things. I thought with writing a blog you had to write profound and life altering posts every time. That is one thing that stopped me from blogging. I didn't think I had anything interesting to say to people. Thank you so much for writing again. I love the topics as well as the length of your posts. Everyday life on a page :)


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