Remembering Italy

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One of the reasons, I need to write everyday is simply to document. I have the worst memory in the world and I have yet to find a better way to remember it all. 

Since I wasn't writing everyday when we were in Italy, I feel the need to catch up. I wrote everyday in a journal while we were there keeping track of where we went, who we talked to, and most importantly....what we ate. 

I love that my handwriting is in a book. When I blog everyday, I don't always do that. 

As we were going through my Pa's house, I found a few things with my Grammy's handwriting on them, and they are treasures to me. I hope one of my kids or grandkids treasures this one day. 

 I also have handfuls of corks from the wine we drank while we were there. As I look back through my journaling tonight, I'm so excited to make the pictures match the words and re-live it all over again. I have over 675 pictures that I took on my real camera that I haven't even really looked at. 

Here's to knowing that more goodness from Italy is coming here soon. I miss it. Italy was truly magical. It'll be a great story to tell. Re-living it will definitely make me want to go back. I want to take my kids there desperately. A culture, a people, a place that needs to be documented and remembered and re-lived over and over again. 

More on Italy coming soon.......

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