Italy...Day 1...Rome {Part 1}

Thursday, August 21, 2014

We snapped this selfie on the plane right before we left D.C. on our way to Rome. 
 photo 2014-04-26120225_zps1de535e3.jpg

I remember how the Rome airport smelled of cigarette smoke. Distinctly and undeniably. 

I remember how narrow the streets were. Our cab driver drove fast and unconcerned about anyone in his way. {I would soon learn that this is how all Italian drivers drive.}
 photo 2014-04-27040106_zpsf4c7359c.jpg

I remember the apartment balconies. Nearly every balcony we passed had flowers on it. I found so much simple joy in the flowers on the balconies. I don't know why, but I did. 
 photo 2014-04-27035054_zps11b54cf1.jpg

A lemon tree on a balcony. 

The streets, the buildings, the architecture. The things that were here and have been here long before America was ever America.
 photo 2014-04-27035554_zps0cfadb5c.jpg

 photo 2014-04-27040111_zps334a2bcd.jpg

I couldn't help but wonder who had walked those streets....the wars they've seen, the heroes and the villains they have lived through.

 photo IMG_9679_zps3e6098c9.jpg

And as we neared the building we were staying in, I so vividly remember this man and his dog and that newspaper stand. He reminded me so much of my Pa. My heart was already in love with Italy after a single cab drive through the streets of Rome. 
 photo 2014-04-27040228_zpsf1ab7692.jpg

We arrived at our building and were escorted to the top floor. Our bags took the lift, we took 6 flights of stairs. 

It was only 9:00 am. We had flown through the night from Washington D.C. into Italy's capital city. We had no idea we were arriving on the soon-to-be-historic day that two Popes were canonized by two living Popes at the Vatican. There were an extra three million people in Rome that day, and we were two of them. 

It was overcast and cloudy that morning. From the rooftop deck of our building, we could see and hear the Pope's helicopter flying over the city. 
 photo 2014-04-27042018_zpsf7d85a18.jpg

We enjoyed a simple Italian breakfast on the rooftop of Nutella toast and cappuccino, cheese, ham, and yogurt. Brian had a bowl of cornflakes and milk too. 
 photo 2014-04-27103047_zps9d799452.jpg

We met Nancy and Art from D.D on the rooftop that morning. They were celebrating 35 years of marriage. We talked Scentsy and real estate and children while listening to the birds and enjoying our view of the spot where Julius Caesar was killed. 
 photo 2014-04-27042244_zps053aa4e9.jpg

 photo 2014-04-27105117_zps9a4280a2.jpg

We got settled into our {tiny} room and spent some time simply basking in the fact that we were actually in Italy. We had a little tiny, private balcony off our room that I adored. 

 photo 2014-04-27112936_zps2a6b532d.jpg

Later that morning we would venture out to explore Rome.....more coming soon. 

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