To Be Brave

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be brave. The culture we live in is perfectly fine with people being average, normal, ordinary. 

It's not a bad thing necessarily, but being average, normal, ordinary.....those things don't require any kind of bravery. 

I've been talking to several people lately about what it means and looks like to start your own business. And whenever I talk to people about doing something like that, I can't help but think about the things I thought when I started selling Scentsy. 

I was worried that I didn't know enough people {no one does}. I was worried that I wasn't a salesperson {I wasn't then and I'm not now}. And I was worried that I had no clue where to start {and I didn't}. 

But what I've learned after 7 years of running a Scentsy business, is that none of those things matter. No one knows enough people to run a business like this, that's why they call it network marketing. Networking is key. You have to do it. 

I'm still not a salesperson, but I'm passionate about the product that I sell. I'm crazy about it actually, and it turns out, that's what it takes to sell a product...not a sales pitch. 

Honestly? No one knows what they're doing when they get into direct sales. 

Direct sellers are usually a bunch of moms and grandmas, and professionals, and leaders all looking to achieve something that we can't achieve by working for someone else. 

We're looking for something more. We're looking for a way to be brave. 

But the hardest part of it all? 

It's the 1st step. Making the commitment to try is the hardest part. None of us want to fail. What if I say that I'm going to do this and it doesn't work? Then what? Then it looks like I've failed. 

What's amazing to me is that the people who decide to try don't do it because they're not afraid of failure.....we're all afraid of failure. They decide to try because there is something bigger. Something more important that makes them overlook that fear of failing to step out in bravery and do something great. 

But so many people won't do it. So many people won't try because of that risk.....

How will you ever know if you don't take the 1st step and try. Whatever the Lord has put on your heart and in your mind, pursue it. Don't hide from it. Explore. Try. Do something new and different. 

Go brave. 

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