Part 3 of a Story About Timing

Monday, October 7, 2013

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So that was it. There was a great family ready and waiting to adopt our babies. They were elated. We were pleased with the way everything was working out, and we thought it was sweet the way the Lord was working out all the details. 

We were praising Him for the way He was making clear the way for these babies. 

We loaded up truckloads of clothes and toys and beds to take to their new home. We ate french toast for dinner on our last night as a family of six. And before I knew it, they were gone. 

But everything went well. They transitioned beautifully. We didn't go see them for a few months. We thought it would be best for everyone. 

And our life moved on. 

We prepared for a baby, and prayed a lot about where the Lord wanted us to be. We went to the Scentsy Family reunion in Las Vegas and then took a plane to California to look at houses. We needed to know if it would feel right. 

And it did. It felt like home. We found a church and a school and several houses that we could see ourselves raising our family in. 

We started to envision life in California. 

But it's not that easy to pick up and move halfway across the country. We weren't moving for "work" or any reason other than we felt like we were being called there. 

And on August 9th, I was in desperation mode. I rarely ever ask the Lord for a sign, but I did it that day. I couldn't stop thinking about the move and what it would mean for our family and how different our life would be if we up and moved to California. 

I spent most of the day in prayer. I wanted a sign. I wanted to know for sure that that was what we were supposed to do. 

And I got my "sign" that very day. It came in the form of a knock on our front door. A nice guy walked up to our home that evening and asked if we had ever thought about selling our house. 

Excuse me....what?

There was no sign in the yard. We hadn't really even decided that we were going to move. One of the biggest obstacles was our house. We had only been in it for 3 years, and we knew we would lose money if we listed it with a relator. We sort of felt stuck. 

And just like that, with a single knock, the Lord affirmed our decision to move. It was like He was clearly asking us to be obedient. "Will you do what I ask you to? Will you go where I ask you to go...even if there isn't a specific reason? Do you trust me?" 

That single knock brought all those questions to the front of our minds. And the answer was yes. Yes we would go. Yes we were willing. We had seen His perfect plan in the lives of our foster babies, and we were willing to do whatever He led us to. 

In September, we traveled to Boise for Scentsy's SuperStar Director Summit. It was the last time I would be allowed to fly, so we decided to hop over to California on our way home and see if we could find a house. 

We had 2 days. We ended up making offers and putting money down on 3 houses. And the plan felt good. 

We had made an agreement to sell our home to the couple who knocked on our door that evening. There were no realtors involved. We did it all ourselves. And it was the easiest and simplest house contract I have ever done. It was the Lord. Plain and simple. 

And there we were. september of 2012. Waiting to hear about 3 offers in California....knowing we sold our home in Oklahoma. Waiting to see what was next....

To be continued...

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