31 days of Jesus....Where?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I spent the day asking myself where Jesus fit in my daily routine. I have been slowly but surely changing my routine so that I get up earlier and spend the first part of my day with him either studying His word or in prayer. 

But today was not one of those days. I over slept. 

So now where does He go? 

The girls were coming over for Bible Study this morning which meant it was time to unload the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, pick out clothes for everyone, eat breakfast, clean up breakfast, change out all my Scentsy warmers....you get the idea.

After Bible Study it was time for school and lesson plans. There is a lot of planning going on as we figure out what our homeschool day looks like. We're getting used to our curriculum and settling in. It's just going to take time. 

She missed her friends today (talk about breaking a momma's heart), so we took our school day outside. That seemed to be the magic ticket. Playing with the neighbors this evening was just icing on the cake.

Oh and then more planning (since Brian and I are both teaching, we sort of have to have a plan going into each day). And math prep for tomorrow needed to be done....enter index cards and dot paint.

Then there was dinner that was not going to fix itself (I actually cooked tonight!).

And the remains of our homeschool day.

and this guy and a couple of chicks.

And my office and an online team meeting, and that list of to dos for tomorrow.

And where does He go? Where does Jesus fit into all of that? Because I need Him and need Him desperately. I need His grace and His peace and all those things that only come from Him. 

If you asked my kids where Jesus fits, they would tell you that He fits in your heart. And I don't think there is a better answer. He fits right inside my heart. I don't have to make Him fit into my busy crazy day, because He is already there. 

He's there as my children sing "Oh my soul march to victory. Oh rejoice for I have been set free." {Thank you Travis Cottrell). 

He's there as those big round eyes look at me like there is no other. 

He's there as my daughter and I have a great day....no behavior problems, no power struggles. Just grace. 

And He's there in the quite conversation of the day. The whispers to Him for guidance or encouragement or a simple reminder that He is leading me. 

There are no rules to Jesus. You can find him anywhere. Once you ask Him into your heart, He does not turn from you. He never leaves you. 

He guides you. He sends you His Holy Spirit to dwell inside you. 

And I realize that it sounds like it doesn't make sense. There is thing called faith that can't really be put into words. 

The greatest part about Jesus? He doesn't care what you've done. He doesn't care what you're doing. He loves you just as you are. He died on a cross for the sins He knew you would commit. 

Loving Him isn't about following rules or escaping sin. It's about having Him walk with you. It's about carrying Him inside you. 

Where will He fit in your day? 

Anywhere and everywhere. In the mess, in the madness, in beauty of it all....He'll fit in it all. Simple as that. 

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  1. Loved this post. Something I totally needed to read! And on a completely different note...I love that you were drinking your water out of a Mason jar. :)


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