The Parenting Do-Over

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm gonna be honest. I'm too drained to write the emotional end to our never ending story. I want to do it justice. 

We are currently on vacation in Colorado. We're staying in a great cabin about 20 minutes from Crested Butte. I know I'm on vacation, and I shouldn't be exhausted, but I am. Chasing 3 kiddos around all day by myself is exhausting. 

We're here with Brian for his annual hunting trip. He usually comes on his own with his buddies for a man trip, but this year the man trip didn't work out, so we got invited. 

We're really having a great time. We have no schedule or agenda. We brought school with us, and even did a little catch up today since we got a little behind last week. {Oh the beauty of homeschooling! Learning about Colorado while we're in that's education.} We're snuggling a lot, exploring, reading, playing, and it's all good. 

This weather and the view and the quiet and the complete lack of cell phone reception has been beyond refreshing. 

But none of that makes raising 3 littles easy. There are days that I think I need more practice before we really get going on this parenting thing, and then I look around me, and all 3 of them are here, and it's simply too late for practice. 

But that's where Jesus comes in. Grace is a beautiful thing. There are days that I start over in the middle of the day because I need to and because I can. One of the greatest lessons I have learned from my walk with Christ is "the do-over." I don't always do this parenting thing right, but it doesn't matter. Every morning is new. My kids have so much grace for me. It's a beautiful thing. 

Even on vacation (or maybe it's especially on vacation), there are do-overs. I'm learning to start my do-over sooner. Don't wait until tomorrow. Start over today. 

{Colorado pictures to come know I love these mountains....) 

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