31 days of Jesus...when all else fails....study

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And it's day 2, and I'm wondering how I'm going to talk about Jesus for 31 days. 

The Lord is sort of funny like that. Not funny like ha, ha. More funny like, ha! Gotcha! 

He knows how I work. As I was praying about what the heck I could write about for 31 days, the answer was clearly Jesus. Probably because I need a whole lot more of Him in my life. 

He's always here. I just need my focus on Him. 

So what's a resourceful teacher like myself do? I go out and buy 3 books to study over the next 31 days (and beyond....). 

Yup. When all else fails, and you vow to write about a single man for 31 days, study till you come up with something to say....here's to seeing what tomorrow brings....

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