Part 4 of a Story About Timing

Thursday, October 10, 2013

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All was going well. We had 3 offers in on 3 houses in California, and we were just waiting. It felt like we were doing exactly what the Lord was calling us to do. 

But as we waited, nothing was happening. We had already sold our house in Edmond thanks to a couple crazy people (who are now our friends) who knocked on our door and asked if we would ever sell it. 

Before we knew it, all 3 houses we made offers on in California were bought out from under us by cash buyers. 

Now what?

Turns out, we have friends that live in the same area we wanted to move in California. They were also moving, and had just bought a house. They were gracious enough to let us rent their old home from them until we could find something. 


It wasn't the ideal situation (to essentially move twice), but it was an answer to prayer for sure. We kept saying that we would just let the Lord work out all the details if we were supposed to be in California. We weren't going to try too hard. If He wanted us there, He would have to make it all happen. 

And it appeared that He was making it happen. 

It seemed crazy that we had friends who were willing to let us stay in their home virtually rent free until we found a place. 

But that's what happened. And that became the plan. We started packing boxes and preparing for a baby to come. 

Telling our families that we were moving was not easy. It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Especially since we were about to have another baby, and we had no clear reason to go. 

That was tough. 

But we moved forward with the plan. 

Then October 31, 2012 rolled around, and the Lord threw us a curveball. We named him Wyatt, and He changed everything. 

To be continued and concluded tomorrow night......(sorry for the never ending story).

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