Living the Dream

Thursday, August 2, 2012

You know that term "Living the Dream?" What does that mean anyways? After being in southern California for a couple of days, I'm wondering if "Living the Dream" is a possibility.

You may or may not know that Brian has wanted to move to California for quite some time now. I have been extremely resistant, always coming up with some kind of excuse.....

What about our family? 

What about my mom? 

What about our friends and our church and our Scentsy team? 

What about all of those things? 

How could we just pack up and move?

Oddly enough, I think the Lord has slowly been luring me with the idea, even in my resistance. I'm pretty stubborn in case you didn't know that about me personally. I like to do things my way. I like to be right.....and so on and so on. It's just part of my personality. 

Lately though, my heart has been softened to the idea of moving.

It has to do with lots of things....our sudden and unexpected detachment from Brian being on staff at church; our unsuccessful attempts to get Addison enrolled in a Christian school; and possibly the extremely extreme weather in Oklahoma. All of those things have factored into me seriously considering a move. 

Of course, there are tons of obvious things that would attempt to keep us where we are. 

First, we're having a baby in November. That's sort of a big deal. 

Second, all of our family lives in Oklahoma or Texas. 

Third, all of our friends and our Scentsy family are in Oklahoma. 

Fourth, we have the most incredible nanny in Oklahoma who is really more like family to us. I don't really know what we would do without her.

Fifth, income taxes in California are extremely high.

But, there are other pros to living in California and raising our family there: 
If we move, our family and friends could come stay for extended periods of time. That screams fun and quality time to me.

We could fly my mom our every other month or so (plus, she'll be able to retire soon.) 

The weather is beautiful and we could basically live outside (okay not quite...but almost).

There is a great Christian school that Addison would be able to go to immediately, where they don't even have a cafeteria because they eat outside everyday (unless it rains). Seriously?

My kids could grow up outside. All the time. Not just in the few months that the weather is nice in Oklahoma, but almost every month of the year. 

With the internet and cool programs like Vokle, we can work and train consultants from anywhere where there is wifi. 

I mean, is that living the dream?

So, what's the hold up? Honestly, I think my mom would die if we moved, but I also know that she would never want to be the reason that we didn't go. I sort of threw the idea on her tonight and she hates it.

What do you think? Are we crazy for considering leaving our family for better climate and a better lifestyle for our kids? What would you do? Go for it? Or stay? I'd love to know what you think. 355 of a year of writing.....


  1. You only have this ONE life. I too struggle with this. I would love to live at the beach. It would be the one thing that I could do and never need to go on vacation. Every day would be a vacation. My parents don't understand. They live a half a mile from me and don't see leaving because of the kids. I have four very awesome grandkids.
    I too think well they would just love to come and visit Grandma and Grandpa at the Beach. I mean who doesn't luurrrvvveee the beach? But tell me "The Beach" or "OHIO" mmmm. One daymy friend, one day :)

  2. Everyone and everything you know is here. I wouldn't leave. My whole family is in Texas and I never see them.

  3. Oh Allison this is a hard one~~ we almost moved due to my hubby's job but ALL of our family is here and our church is our home. Right before we left hurricane Ike destroyed our home and our family came through we then (and for million other reasons decided to stay ) we could not be happier !! The weather comes and goes it might be sunny and beautiful but the grass well u know girl.,,.

  4. I've been following you for awhile now. I don't normally comment but I just feel compelled to. My ENTIRE family is in Orange County. We moved away 4 yrs ago to Colorado for my husbands job. It sucks!!!! And I get home almost every other month. I'm blessed to have parents and sisters that help with plane flights. But it's not the same. They/we miss the little things. I would not recommend leaving for weather. Family is so important. And it's only going to get harder as your kids get older..they get more invoved in school, sports, and other activities.

  5. Ok coming from someone who is typically a type a has it all together and is the one ministering not being ministered to, I would warn you against leaving your people because people are what keeps you going. I am detached and it is very very difficult. However, I also have an adventure streak and would definitely do it. But if you think you may come back, I would do it this way, a rental first, like a one year commitment, keep your home here and rent it out or something and just see how it goes. Read the book halfway to each other. I have it and will let you borrow it. It is not exactly fitting since it is about a marriage that is struggling and so they moved to italy and found each other again. Your marriage is awesome, but the book has some great examples of how to do what you are thinking about doing. The military moved us so we didn't get to choose our parameters. That also makes a difference. I think that you could definitely make it work but you have to want it really badly in order to really succeed. In my opinion, if you have doubts, you are not ready to leave that network of people.


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