Tonight I Write for Me

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tonight I sit in front of this computer for no other reason except that I want to.

I considered finding some sort of journaling software so I could keep writing everyday but not have to do it for anyone else. But then I realized that the only other person I ever wrote for was really the Lord. He called me to write everyday, and on the days when I felt like I didn't want to, the commitment I made to Him was the only thing that kept me writing.

Now I can simply write when I want to.

Like I said last night, I really have fallen in love with writing here everyday. It has become our story in print, and since my memory is horrible and I can barely remember what I ate for lunch....what did I eat for lunch?.....I cherish those words.

Today, the random people who knocked on our door wanting to look at our house came back to see it again. They loved it. Their parents loved it. Their kids loved it.

Brian talked to them about timing and told them that we really wouldn't be willing to move until the beginning of December. There are a few reasons with the main one being us having a baby in November.

We thought that surely this would deter them since they have someone wanting to buy their house. But no, their parents said they could move in with them for a couple months and save some money, and they seemed to think that was a great idea.

They also asked if they could have a week to think about it and get back to us. Of course, we said yes. We're obviously not in any hurry since there isn't even a sign in our yard.

Until then we're simply praying. Praying that the Lord would make all this clear to us. That we would have no doubts that it's Him calling us.

I have an incredible amount of peace about it all. I have lived in this city for exactly ten years now, and I never thought that I would move. But, what I've learned is that I'm not always right, and somehow, the Lord always knows more about the future than I do.

I have been studying the book of Esther for quite some time now (a couple months, I guess) and it has quickly become my favorite book of the Bible. And one of the things I love about it is the notion that we were each placed on this Earth in the right time and place to do something that only we can do in a time that is unique to us.

I know that sounds crazy and is almost too much to think about, but I don't believe we're all just randomly here to live and die. I believe that each of us has a unique God given purpose that only we can fulfill.

Am I sure of mine?

Not 100%. But the more I examine my life and my experiences and the challenges I've had to face, the more I know that as long as I am seeking God and truly surrendering my life to His plan, and not my own, then it will all work its way towards the purpose He has for me.

I've decided that it's kind of fun living a life surrendered to Him. You just never know what will come your way or who will knock on your door.

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