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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We went car shopping today. Boy, oh boy.

I used to drive a Volvo......that I was in love with. When we decided to become foster parents, we knew we needed something with a third row. The Tahoe was our answer to needing more space.

And, I don't love my Tahoe. It's not even close to love. It's really not practical for us. There is no storage behind the third row at all. It doesn't really work for us and really won't work once we have a baby in tow that will need baby stuff like a stroller and diaper bag and all the "stuff" babies need.

The only thing that works for us in the Tahoe are the bucket seats in the second row that allow Addison to get to the third row easily. Other than that, I'm not a fan. There is no place to change a diaper. I know that sounds crazy, but it's important to a momma with a baby.

I don't know what the best answer is. We are considering a few things....a Ford Explorer,

a Ford Flex (that's Brian's pick).....I think it looks like a lunch box
a Toyota Sequoia

A Honda Pilot 

Possibly even a....dare I say it?....a a
Honda Odyssey (which apparently you can put a spoiler on to make it seem cooler)

It's so hard to make a decision. I feel like I may have to drive a million cars to find one that I like. Don't I sound picky? 

There are just certain things that I care about as a space to change a diaper, room for a stroller when the third row is in use, easy access to the third row (where I wouldn't have to move a car seat from the second row). Plus, I want something safe that drives well and will last. 

Oh goodness.....finding something new is often tough....I'll keep you updated on the search. It should be interesting. 

Do you have any advice to offer? Thanks for all your comments on Facebook. It's so much fun to see everyone's suggestions. 362 of a year of writing.....


  1. We had a van at 25! Hubby still has a mini-van as his company car, and we love it! he works for Enterprise Holdings, so there are many days where he brings home new cars. We LOVE the Ford Explorer. We have lots of friends with them. We also have a friend who SWEARS by her Ford Flex (although I'm not a fan of the looks of them either!. We looked at the Sequoia before we bought our Ford F-150 (I'm a truck driving momma now b/c we have a boat and have to have something to tow it with!), but the Sequoia rides and drives JUST like the Tahoe in my opinion. So advise: go for the van or the Ford Explorer!And those fully loaded Odysseys are unbelievable! :)

  2. I used to say that I would NEVER drive a minivan! I hated them, and everything about them. Then came the twins with an almost two year old already in tow. Since we bought our minivan, I have never looked back. I LOVE it, the space, how well it works for us and my three littles. Seriously, look into them. I wish I had a newer fancy one, but I don't. I have one by Pontiac they don't even make them anymore, but I still LOVE it!

  3. I love, LOVE!!! my Ford Flex. I only have three kids, the youngest is 2 and the oldest 16 and the 16 year old sits in the third row with plenty of room. The third row also easily folds down if you need extra room for a large purchase. We just came upon a deal for our Flex that we couldn't pass up (hadn't planned to buy another vehicle for about 6 months due to my husband being deployed), but if I have a choice in the future, I would definitely choose the Flex again.

  4. We have a Yukon XL and it hss stoage behind 3rd row. They are equivalent to s Suburban. Ford has an Expedition that is EL (extra long).

  5. A lunch box. :) I literally laughed out loud.


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