Dealing with Change

Friday, March 4, 2011

Change is an interesting topic. Any of us at anytime, can choose to make a change in our lives whether it be for better or worse. We have the ability to change in an instant. I know I often have to change my attitude in the morning. I am not a morning person by nature. I'm grumpy, moody, and very irritable every morning, if I choose to be so. But I have discovered that I can change the way I feel in an instant if I want to. I can change my attitude from one of "tired, worn-out mom," to "happy it's a new day mom," with a simple thought. 

Sometimes change is much more than a simple decision that involves only our minds. Sometimes change can affect many people and many things. It can affect your future and the future of your children. Change can be bigger than just an attitude switch.

When you choose to change, do you do it for the world or for yourself? Do you make decisions based on what you want and desire in a moment or based on your faith and what you believe God has in store for your life?

We are in a position where we could change a lot of things about our lives and it would all appear great to the world. But we learn more and more everyday that the "world" doesn't matter. As it turns out, we were not made for this world. We were made for God's purpose.

Often times, when we're faced with a decision that would create a lot of change in our lives, we simply give it to God. And then there are times when we let our earthly minds get in the way, causing us to be selfish and self centered.

All too often we let our desires and wants make decisions of change for us. We let the things we "think we need" take over our consciousness. In reality, change in our lives should be spurred by God. When you're living in the will of God, you'll have peace about the decisions you make within His will, and you'll experience unrest and guilt about the decisions you make outside of His will.

Change is an interesting topic.  What spurs you to change? Is it your own unrest? Or is it the stirring of your soul to do something be someone greater? We all change everyday. Are your changes making a difference?

Until there's more,


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