Shoot it's 12:04! Praying for a baby elephant!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Okay I said I was going to do "A post a day in March, April, and May." I did post today, but it was actually a response to comments made on my post yesterday!

But I'm posting now and we're going to count it for Monday, March 7th! Okay?! Sounds good to me.

So I have the wonderful blessing to get to share my life with a group of women that I consider family every Monday night at our bible study. I will say that it's more than a bible study. We do life together. We share everything and have the blessing of having other women to sympathize with.

We are near the end of a 10 week bible study by Beth Moore called "Believing God." Tonight's lesson was about "Believing God when Victory Demands Your All." I think we've all been there. In a place, where we think there is no way we're getting out alive and happy. We've all felt stuck or confused or betrayed or at a loss. I could go on and on. But you get the picture.

There are times we know that it will take everything we have (and then some) for us to be victorious. If you've never read the story in the Bible about the sun standing still, you have to check it out! Read Joshua 10:1-14
Talk about having the tides turned against you! Not only did the Israelites have to march all night (21-26 miles) and fight an uphill battle (literally a 4,000 ft ascent), but they also knew it wasn't really their battle to fight!

And yet, Joshua had the faith to ask God to stop the sun, and He did! Oh how I wish I often had the faith to ask for the things I really want to. Tonight I realized that we often don't ask, because we don't believe that our God can really do it!

Beth tells a great story about how when she was a child, she asked her aunt for a baby elephant for her 6th birthday. She wanted to ride it to school. And oh, how I'm sure she just knew she would be cool if she rode a baby elephant to school! Of course, she did not get a baby elephant, but she at least had faith enough to ask. You have to think about how her aunt must have reacted. "A baby elephant! Now that's a good one!"

It makes me smile, but you also have to think that God will smile at us when we ask for those things that we really have to believe Him for. He knows what's best for us. He will not give us everything we ask for, but he will DELIGHT in the things we do ask for. If we're not asking, then we're not believing Him to be able to make it truth!

You never know when He'll say yes, but you have to believe that He can give you anything you ask for, if it's what's best for you. Remember, we are His children. He will provide for us. And sometimes He will spoil us, if we simply ask.

Hoping you pray for a baby elephant...

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