Another planner option and a WINNER!

Monday, November 11, 2013

You know by now that I am a planner fanatic. I tried to go electronic and did it fairly successfully for about a year. But I returned to the paper planner, and I will never be able to go back to electronic again. 

I've already reviewed 5 great planners here. And I think I will still be personally using the Whitney English Day Designer beginning January 2014. My only hangup was that this is a daily planner (and I am very accustomed to a weekly planner.) 

My sweet friend, Lacey, told me about a planner called The Russell + Hazel SmartDate System. There is a super cute stationary shop in my town that carries them, so I headed over there this weekend to check them out. 

And I like it. 

It's basically a build your planner system. There are numerous 3 ring binder options to choose from. There is a mini (which is what I went with) that is 7x9, and their signature option which is 10 3/4 by 12. I went with a charcoal mini. 

I also purchased the Mini Smartdate Month tabs, the mini Daily Planner sheets (which are not currently available online, but I think the mini Smartdate Weekly sheets would be a great option too), the Mini paper pockets, and the mini filler paper

This is a picture of another piece I purchased as well that is basically just a set of tabbed sheets (I think they are called Project Tabs). 

A picture of the daily layout. It includes time slots, a contact list, and a to do spot.

The tabs are laminated and durable.

My friend Lacey sent me a picture of her weekly layout sheet. 

One of the things I love about this planner so far is that I can add blank pages anywhere. That's already been helpful since I have been known to carry around at least 1 notebook in addition to my planner. 

So that's my latest (and possibly most favorite) planner find. 

I also want to make a note about Plum Paper planners. I know many of you have looked at and use them as an option. There are some very cool things about Plum Paper. You can choose your layout style (time slots, morning/afternoon/evening, etc). I have ordered one, but I'm not a huge fan. I can't really tell you why specifically. I think it has something to do with the binding and the paper quality. That's just my personal opinion. It may be a great option for you. 

And we have winners! 

Congratulations to Pat Lupher who won the Lily planner (which seemed to be a fan favorite based on the comments). 

Congratulations to Ed and Jill who won the Stephanie Creekmur planner

And Congratulations to tweetsycute and Meoldy Snay. You both won one of the other planners reviewed (either the Polka Dot agenda or the Draw Your Tomorrow Planner.) Since neither of your specified which planner you'd like, it will be 1st come, 1st served. Please comment below letting me know which planner you'd like. 

Once again, I sign off saying....Happy Planning! 


  1. Please let tweetsycute choose first. I'm just blessed to have been chosen. And am so happy to be able to get more organized and learn a new way of life with Planning. Thank you so very much. I feel special.
    Have a Blessed Week my Beautiful Friend. Melody Snay

    1. Thanks Melody! Can you email me your mailing address?

  2. Hey Allison! Thanks for your planner posts! I am a little obsessed with planners myself and I know you said you liked the Erin Condren but wanted the time slots, so I thought I would share one with you that I found. I haven't ordered this myself but I am thinking about it!

    Another one I found that I like but not sure if I like the daily layout:

    Happy Planning! :)

    1. Hey Haley,
      Thanks for the find. I didn't know about mpix! I'll have to look into that too. And I know a lot of people who like the Plum planner too. Hope you find a good fit for you!

  3. Thanks Melody for allowing me to choose first. I would love the Draw Your Tomorrow Planner. I am so excited.

  4. tweetyscute will you email me your name and mailing Thanks! And congratulations!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog, have you tried Planner Pad? I've been using it since college and although I am lured by all types of shiny and new products I always go back to Planner Pad. It just has the organization of weeks I like, with lots of room and the monthly calendar inserted before the weeks of the month which I have to have in a planner. You can buy tabs for the months as well, they are little extra but worth it.

    1. Mami China, I have never heard about Planner Pad. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm looking at it now!

  6. Allison - I know you're swamped and super busy - but I was curious if you had mailed out the winner's planners?? I won the Stephanie Creekmur one - but hadn't received it yet. I sent an email with my address but let me know if you didn't get it. I'm excited to get it rolling before 2014!! Thanks!!

  7. Question - how do you go about color-coding your planner? Are there certain colors to distinguish between members of your family or areas of your daily life? Do you use a "cheat sheet" for color-coding? This looks like something that could help me in my goal to becoming better organized. Help? Thank you!


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