A booth, a party, and my 6 year anniversary with the Scentsy Family

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today was important for a lot of reasons. 

The 1st. Six years ago tonight, I said a prayer, took a leap of faith and signed up to be a Scentsy consultant. I don't know how to put the past 6 years into words. It's really not even possible. 

I am different. I am better....because of my journey with Scentsy. I never thought I would do something like this. I never thought I would be a salesperson or a leader as some people would call me. I really don't think that I'm either of those things though. But I am a teacher. Was 6 years ago, still am today. It looks a little different now, but I get to teach other people how to do what I've done, and help them find a way to to do it their way. And there is joy in that. 

I don't have to have all the answers (teachers rarely do). I don't have to always get it right (teachers are just willing to try). I don't have to know the best ways (teachers are just willing to search for them). 

If anything, I hope my Scentsy journey has made me humble. I will be the 1st to admit that it made me proud early on. I was proud of what I had done and how my team had grown. I worked hard, but the Lord had His hand in so much of what we were blessed with. I will never try to claim it all as my own again. 

There came a time when He gently reminded me that it was not all me, and that I would be better off to humble myself and serve people because that's how Jesus led. 

And tonight I'm still in shock and awe at the people we know and the relationships we have because of our Scentsy adventure. I am beyond grateful....so much so that it brings me to my knees in thankfulness. I don't know who I would be without some of the people and relationships in my life. 

So today was important. It marked 6 years of my life doing something I never thought I would do and becoming someone I never expected to be. And I am grateful. 

The 2nd reason today was important....I did a Grace Adele booth. 

Go ahead and gasp. I know right?! I never do shows! And I was reminded in the most perfect way why tonight. 

So I signed up to do a Grace Adele booth at a local craft fair. I had heard it was a great event to do...really busy...lots of traffic and lots of credit cards. 

I decided to go all out and buy Grace Adele stock and see how it went. I'm kind of all or nothing like that. (By the way, the only reason I risked it, was because I am booked until Christmas with home shows, so I knew I could sell it all over time if it didn't sell at the show.) 

I thought our booth looked pretty awesome. I worked my tail off all week prepping for it. 

Overall, I'm glad we did it. I was reminded that I am not cut out for shows in general (they exhaust the introvert in me). But the Lord is sweet, and we met the most amazing people and made some great connections today. 

I was also able to have real conversations with about a dozen people that I only ever see on Facebook. It was kind of like a sweet little nod from the Lord....like He was saying...."it's okay to be unplugged from social media. I can re-connect you." And I think He did today. It was beautiful and unexpected and what I needed. 

After the event (where I sold about $250), I had a home show with one of my best customers. She wanted to do an Open House with all 3 brands so I agreed. 

It was a huge success. We sold roughly $500 in product in less than 3 hours and she wants to collect orders until Tuesday. I got to eat and visit and have real conversations with people. Building relationships! That's what it's all about. It was wonderful. 

And it was the perfect reminder of why my focus has always been and will always be home parties. You simply can't replace the comfort of someone's home or having a conversation over food across a table. That's where a real business is built. 

It was a wonderful ending to a great evening. And still, I am grateful.....so very grateful.  


  1. Your booth looks great! And I agree, events are exhausting and home parties are so much more relational! Love it! God has blessed your faithfulness! XO Jesi

  2. Oh girl, I am so proud of you for getting out of your comfort zone and doing the booth event! You know I love doing them. Happy Scentsy Anniversary! Love you friend!


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