Tornado Alley

Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm going to complain for a moment. I am so over the storms in Oklahoma.

I don't really get anxious about tornadoes. When you grow up in Oklahoma, it's just part of life, and you get used to it.

But there are days that make me anxious.

Today was one of those days. The weather guys all knew it was going to be bad. And they were right. It's like the storms just kept coming.

Tonight I finally feel at ease. This was not a night like we had in Moore just a couple weeks ago. Praise the Lord. The tornadoes we saw tonight went through Yukon, straight across the Oklahoma City metro, and even through Norman. But it doesn't appear that there was massive damage. Right now it appears the biggest issue in the area is flooding.

As soon as we know that we have "one of those days" brewing, we start taking precautions.

We don't have a storm shelter. Many people don't. We don't have cellars in Oklahoma for numerous reasons. It has to do with our red clay and the freeze line. Something like that. Anyways, I know that many places in the country have cellars/basements in most homes, and we just don't around here.

But we do have a plan in place. There are a couple houses in our addition that have shelters. We can go there if we need to.

We also always pack a bag with important documents, camera cards (with pictures of every room of our house in case something were to happen), food, baby formula, diapers, a change of clothes. Necessities. We also take our computers and electronics when we take cover.

We have helmets for the kids, and everyone gets dressed in long pants, long sleeved shirts and tennis shoes. And we got the idea tonight to write important contact information on our kid's backs. I know all that sounds crazy, but it's part of living in Oklahoma.

This tornado season has been particularly scary. Not all tornado seasons are this bad.

We have decided that we are absolutely putting in a storm shelter. We have the means to do it, so we're absolutely doing it. There is nothing like peace of mind.

I wish I had great things to say tonight, but I really just needed to process all this weather. I was anxious tonight watching that tornado trek across OKC. We know people that live all across the city, so it was scary.

I have to share this pic. My pastor, Craig Groeschel posted it on instagram. The photo was taken by Jon McCartie.

It's just a reminder of how good God really is.

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More interesting things to come tomorrow. Thanks for praying for Oklahoma.


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  1. I grew up in Southeastern Missouri and now live in Eastern Kansas. While note quite to the extent as Texas and Oklahoma I understand what you mean about the preparations when you have a "tornado day" brewing. Tornadoes hit St. Louis last night and it was too close to comfort for me. I called my parents to check on them (they live south of the city) and my dad calmly noted that my mom had her bags packed and already tucked downstairs just in case. They'd been there for days.

    Every time the weather hitches I put on extra socks. I keep sturdy shoes in my car and my desk at work just because you never know. And sure, you never know about a lot of things, but it's not snow or rain or anything else that causes me to do what I do. It's always the fear and wonder of the tornado.

    Glad you and yours are safe. Still keeping Oklahoma in my prayers.


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