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Sunday, May 26, 2013

We recently welcomed baby #3 into our home. (I guess you could say he was technically baby #5 after our 2 foster babies, but he was our baby #3.)

We literally had no baby items left after our foster babies left, so we set out on a journey to get ready to welcome a new little being into our home.

Things have definitely changed since baby #2 (3 years ago), and having been a mom with 4 littles in the house, I decided I didn't need as much stuff as I thought I did with the first 2.

So here is my list of my favorite baby products for babies ages 0-6 months. Whether you're expecting a new baby yourself or just looking for a gift to wow an expecting mom, you'll find all kinds of great goodies on this list.

Aden + Anais Sleep Sack:
Oh the blanket issue! After Wyatt no longer wanted to be swaddled (around 4 weeks), we ran into the blanket issue. He was kicking any and every blanket we put on him over his face. That's not a good thing obviously! But I discovered the Aden+Anais sleep sacks, and problem solved!

I love a lot of other Aden + Anais products (as you'll see) so this was a natural brand choice for us. We have a 4 layer sleep sack (pictured below) that is Wyatt's favorite. It is fairly heavy and seems to help him sleep the best. We also have several light weight sleep sacks that we use as needed as well.

While we're talking about Aden +Anais, I might as well tell you all the other goodies I love that they carry!

Mum + Bub lotion 
I ordered this lotion on a whim hoping to find something that would keep Wyatt's dry skin moisturized, and this lotion did the trick. I was so impressed, that I bought a 2nd bottle to keep in my car to use on myself! I seriously love it. 

Aden+Anais Bamboo Swaddling Blankets
These blankets are amazing! And they are not not just for swaddling. We are still using them, and Wyatt is almost 7 months old. We used them as swaddling blankets when he was tiny, and now we use them as burp rags, blankets, lovies, nursing name it, we use these blankets for it. I always have a least 2 in my diaper bag. 

Important note: There is a difference between the cotton swaddling blankets and the bamboo. We have both. The cotton are great, but the bamboo are amazing! They are incredibly soft and get softer the more you wash them. The bamboo ones are a little more pricey, but they are totally worth it! 

Sophie the Giraffe
I could not figure out why every baby I ever saw had this silly little giraffe, so I bought it. And I still don't know why every baby has this giraffe except that babies LOVE it! Wyatt is obsessed with Sophie. I have no idea why. But hey, a baby knows what it likes I guess. And this is still one of our favorites. 

Coconut Oil 
Any old brand will do. Both my boys (Luke age 4) and Wyatt (the baby), both get horribly chapped cheeks. I guess it's the Oklahoma wind! And I have literally tried everything. The winner: good ole' coconut oil! Natural and incredibly moisturizing, coconut oil is where it's at! Plus you can find it at the grocery store in the baking aisle, and it's good for about a million other things as well! 

Timi and Leslie Diaper Bag
So confession time, I should probably be carrying a Grace Adele bag as a diaper bag, BUT I need a big diaper bag. I want something big enough to throw everything into it. And my Timi and Leslie bag does just that (with enough room to fit a Grace Adele clutch!) I have the 'Charlie' bag (pictured below) in turquoise.

Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Shampoo
all of my kids have had cradle cap. I absolutely despise it. This time by pediatrician recommended Paul Mitchell's Baby Don't Cry Shampoo. I ordered it online, and fell in love! Wyatt's cradle cap was gone within a week or so of using this shampoo while gently brushing his head with a baby brush. It's a super clean shampoo and rinses clear of all residue. I love it so much that I use it on my 4 year old and 6 year old too. 

The Tummy Tub 
While we're on the subject of bathing...insert the tummy tub! I know it looks like a bucket, and you're probably going to think I'm crazy, but this is seriously my favorite baby product ever! So it is supposed to simulate the womb....stay with me here! And it's incredibly soothing for babies. And my almost 7 month old still bathes in it every night. That's him just a few nights ago! If you are in need of a baby tub, this is the one. It takes a little getting used to but it's great because the baby is completely submerged in the water instead of halfway in one of those normal baby tubs. 

Tiny Love Classic Mobile
All of my babies have used this mobile. It is whimsical, happy, and plays classical music. Plus it makes this soothing sound as the plastic beads fall down as each arms turns. I realize that sounds weird, but all my kids have loved it. and I think it's adorable. 

Playtex Nursing Storage System
With my first 2 babies, I felt slightly overwhelmed by nursing. When I had Addison, I was still teaching. I nursed for 6 months, but I felt slightly overwhelmed by it all. With Luke, I got frustrated because he spit up every time I nursed often numerous times, and he never spit up after having a bottle. That will make a momma crazy. 
Turns out the same thing happens with Wyatt (is this TMI?....Sorry if it is), but I have stayed the course with Wyatt because I haven't been so uptight about it. 
He has formula when need be. He drinks from a bottle, he nurses, we do it all, and it's made me a better nursing momma. 
So to make a very long story shorter...I love this playtex nursing storage system. I do not have a pump that attaches to these, but I use them to freeze my milk, and it makes life so much easier. They go straight from the freezer to our bottles. And of course, this will only apply to you if you use Playtex bottles. 

Baby Jogger Summit XC
I know. I know. Everyone is crazy about the Bob stroller. I am kind of that person that gets annoyed when people buy things because they're name brand. So I sort of refused to buy a bob stroller.
In reality, I read all the crazy reviews and decided to go with the Baby Jogger, and I absolutely love it. The only issue I have with it is that the storage is virtually non-existent, but that is basically true in most joggers. (Also another reason I love my Timi and Leslie diaper bag....thank you stroller straps!) 
I use this as my everyday stroller. I have a car seat adapter and a tray for the front for when he gets a little bigger.

Chew Beads
One of my sweet friends got me hooked on Chew Beads. We have a couple necklaces and a couple bracelets. I wear the bracelets all the time, and I love the necklaces because I can strap them to the stroller and he can't throw them out! Plus they're dishwasher safe, and Wyatt loves them. What more could you ask for?

Lamaze Light and Sound Crib Soother
This one has been a favorite from early. Soothing sounds and lights are a winner in this super soft and ultra cute crib soother. Also works great for playing on the floor. Wyatt loved it when he was tiny and still loves it now. 

Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer
With this baby, we decided to forgo the swing completely. In all reality, swings are huge, and babies only use them for a few months before they out grow them. So this time I relied solely on a good bouncy. We got this precious monkey bouncer this time, and it has been well worth every penny.
It has both a music/sound feature as well as a vibrating feature in addition to the bounce. It is our go to nap place even still. I highly, highly recommend a good bounce seat. Forget the swing. You can live without it. 

That about rounds up my favorite baby products for babies 0-6 months. I hope this was helpful. Did I leave anything out? If there is something you consider a must have for this age range, please feel free to comment below! 


  1. I discovered the Halo sleepsacks with my 2nd and loved them! Congrats on your growing family.

  2. I've been using the chew bead necklaces for the past month and really love it. I don't even mind the drool (at least it's not spit up). I didn't think of tethering it to the stroller. What a good idea! Thanks.

  3. I think Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer is the best bouncer. Thanks for your share.


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