I Might Have A Condition

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I have a really weird problem. And if you have any kind of life, please don't even bother reading about my crazy issues. 

I have more notebooks (that I am currently writing in) then I can carry in a single bag. 

See, issues. 

I realize that this probably only makes me seem crazier than you already think I am, but I might have some kind of condition. 

These are just the notebooks that I am currently using. (I have an entire cabinet full of more!) 

Please note that I did not arrange these notebooks. That is how they ended up on my desk. Hence I discovered that I might have a serious problem. 

Maybe I should get one of those old school trapper keepers (from when I was in 8th grade) to keep all my crap in. Zipper and all. Really, maybe that's what it's come to. 

What's a girl to do? 

Or maybe I need to see some kind of specialist. 

Here's a little explanation into my crazy. 

I have a notebook that I use for Bible study, one for my daily team challenges for my Scentsy team, one for everything (I carry it in my purse with my planner), and then a 2nd one for everything because the 1st one got full but I'm still using notes from it.....do you see what I mean? I really might have a condition. Hi my name is Allison and I hoard notebooks and pens. 


You don't have any crazy in you? Come on!
So that's it. Just wanted you to know that I have notebook issues. 

But I also have a couple of notes to pass along: 
  • I have a friend driving down from KC next Wednesday, June 5th, and we are going to go serve in Moore. We are going through Samaritan's Purse to volunteer. If you're interested in going with us, we will be leaving from my home in N. Edmond, or you could meet us down there. More details to come....
  • If we're friends on FB, instagram or twitter, you may have seen that I'm doing an online bible study this summer with Beth Moore and the Siestas. We'll be studying Priscilla Shirer's Gideon. I will post all the details (once they are ironed out) here on the blog, so be sure to follow. I'd love to have you join us! If you know you want to join, start looking for your participants guide now. Many places are sold out at the moment. 
  • You still have time to enter to win my all time favorite planner from Much Ado About You. Click here for details on how you can win. Tomorrow is the last day to enter!
  • I have so much to share with you in the coming days including: A Princess and Pirate Party!; Family Dinner Questions; Summer Survival for your Business; a new and fancy blog design; and so much more! Be sure to follow so you don't miss any of it! 
Thanks for loving me despite my craziness. I love you back. 

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  1. You are definitely not alone in this area :) I have about 5 notebooks and 3 planners that I carry in a bag with me - even around my house. I take the bag upstairs with me at night and have a final "run through" of what's going on in all my notebooks and planners before I go to bed. Maybe there is some sort if awareness group for planner and notebook addictions?! ;)


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