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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today was a fairly normal day. 

I did the laundry. I tried to work through emails and facebook messages and reply to texts from so many of you wanting to help. A conference call, feeble attempts to work, playing power rangers with my 4 year old....today was a fairly normal day. 

But in the back of my mind, I thought constantly about the families who had no laundry to fold, no computers to answer emails on, no anything at all. 

The outpouring of love from people all over the world wanting to help Oklahomans affected by such terrible tragedy has been overwhelming. Specifically, those of you in our Scentsy family have nearly begged to help. Thank you!

Our community has a long road ahead. Even though we don't live in Moore, we live close. And we know so many people who have lost everything. 

But only 2 days after the tragedy, we have started to attempt to go back to our normal lives. We'll have to, but for those directly affected, "normal" is so very far away. 

I am asking that you'll stick with me and continue to hear stories and be changed by this tragedy. 

It would be much easier to pretend it didn't happen and return to life as normal. I think so much inside us wants to forget it quickly. 

But I've decided I don't want to forget. I want to be hurt by it, moved by it, changed by it. If we don't allow ourselves to be changed by it, how do we grow? 

But I also want to be around for the long hall. The rebuilding of this community is going to take a long time. Moore, Oklahoma and it's residents are going to need our support for a very long time.

Right now, we're raising money for 5 Scensty friends who lost their homes. Two of these families lost their 9 year old daughters as well. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to distribute to these families to help them get started getting back on their feet. 

If you can, please go to the website below and donate what you can. Every single dollar makes a difference. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Together we can show the love of Christ to so many. 

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  1. I love to see companies come together to help out their people!


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