The Sunday Seven (with a GIVEAWAY!)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yes you read it right. I said a Giveaway! That last one was too much fun, and now I see why people do  giveaways.

So, we'll get to the giveaway in a minute. You have to get through the work of the Sunday 7 before you can find out what it is! (Yes, I'm fully aware that you can scroll down to find out, which I'm sure you just did, just hang with me!)

Okay the Sunday 7 is my new favorite planning tool. I did this for many many weeks in a row this Spring, and it made me so happy!

So the Sunday 7 is back as a regular installment here on a year of writing. The thing I love about the Sunday 7 is that you get to start over every Sunday. A fresh start every 7 days.
Step by step mini goals are what get you to the bigger goal. You eat an elephant one bite at a time, and that is exactly the mindset behind the Sunday 7.

If you're up for getting your week in order and making mini (attainable) goals for yourself, here's how it works.
You pick the 7 most important areas of your life. Most people can categorize their 7 as follows:

  1. Faith 
  2. Family
  3. Relationships
  4. Work
  5. Health and Fitness
  6. Finances 
  7. Down Time 
Then you set a goal for each of the 7 areas for you to accomplish within the next 7 days. You're gonna love it! I know it! 

You can make your 7 areas whatever you need them to be. Depending on the time of the year, I often change of of my 7 to Home Organization. 

So here are mine for the week: 

  1. Faith: I'm starting my morning every day this week in God's word. 7 days. This is the week. 
  2. Family: Well since I'm going to be gone the entire week, this is a hard one. I am going to search for sweet little gifts to bring home to my babies (usually books). We'll talk via skype and on the phone. 
  3. Relationships: I get to work on this one this week! There are so many incredible women who I look up to and adore who will be at the event I'm attending this week in Boise. I am so excited to grow the relationships with the girls on my team who are going, but also with women from all around the country that I have the opportunity to learn from this week. 
  4. Work: I actually do have to work this week. I am leading the all consultant training call for Scentsy on Tuesday which I have to prepare for, and then I will be speaking at a training in Tulsa on Saturday over goal setting (YEAH!). I have two presentations to prepare for and practice. 
  5. Health and Fitness: No cooking for me this week. That'll be a change! But I am going to make sure I drink tons of water (I tend to not drink enough water when I travel). I am going to run three days this week (even though I'm going to be traveling). I can do it. Plus, I get to hang with awesome friends, some of whom I think will run with me...Jami P, you up for a couple of morning runs?
  6. Finances: The checkbook has to be balanced before I leave and our budget has to be laid out. It's now a weekly occurrence for us that helps us stay on top of where our money is going and why. 
  7. Down Time: Reading for fun! I did it every night this week, and it's such a great relaxer for me. I'm packing up my Kindle ready to read every day. (More on the Kindle vs. paperbook debate in a later post). 
So, there you have it. Are you wondering why you just read all about my week? 
It was an example for you! That's right, this week, if you want to win the giveaway, you're going to have to post your Sunday 7 below as a comment. 

And what will you win ? 

Directly from Much Ado About You......It's a planner! 

Are you surprised? Come on, do you know me yet? This one is great!  (I may even love more than the Erin Condren Life Planner...more on that later too.....) Check it out. 

You can check out all the fun details at

So to win your very own Much Ado About You planner:

  1. Join this Site (see the blue button in the left that if you're not already a follower)
  2. Post your Sunday 7 as a comment below. 
Good luck! And happy planning! 37 of a year or writing.....


  1. Well this is my second try at posting this tonight, the first time ended in tragedy with it being lost into the internet unknown. {although it would be easier to say i'll do it later and forget it} See my Greatest struggle is with procrastination and maybe the Sunday 7 is how I can over come this......After all every journey starts with a step.....
    1.Faith} I will pray personally daily to seek God's guidance and Strength with procrastinating.
    2.Family}IN my family it's seems I blink and I have missed so much. There are 5 other people in this house, and this week I plan to daily have a "us moment" with a different family member to try to reconnect and preserve a moment of time even if it is little.
    3.Relationships} This is an ongoing struggle. This week I will work to keep thoughts positive toward people that have hurt my heart. God loves unconditionally and I need to remember this when handling these relationships in my life and not let the devil win. I read a quote once~ Those that need Love the most sometimes deserve it the least.
    4.Work}I need to Follow Through. Each day take one step toward this and be happy with the step instead of beating my self up for not achieving instant greatness. (To Grow Bamboo takes many years with the last six weeks being the 2nd most important step.... the 1st most important step is to plant the seeds initially.)
    5.Health & Health}Eat more balanced home cooked meals. Monday plan out weekly dinner menu before shopping on tuesday. Also get back on schedule for taking meds on set time schedule. {AKA again stop procrastinating}
    6.Finance} Redorganise/update Bill Binder to determine actual outlook. Plan how to advance toward getting bigger house.
    7.Down Time} Achieve 3 different times where it is me and my IPOD for needed chillaxing.

    Thank you Allison for encouraging me to metaphorically plant some Bamboo seeds.

  2. redorganise=redo + reorganise
    chillaxing= chill out + relaxing

    these both SHOULD be words

  3. I'm a new follower and this is my first week doing Sunday Seven. Here is my shortened list (the full list can be seen at my blog:

    1. Faith -

    Read the Bible every day.

    Find Jesse’s birthday present and find and book a photographer for E’s 6 month photos.

    3. Relationships

    Respond to all emails/messages in my inbox and email friends/family I haven’t talked to in a while.

    4. Home-

    Finish unpacking all of our stuff and get everything organized and put away.

    5. Health and Fitness-

    Drink a huge bottle of water every day.

    6. Finances

    Balance our checkbook.

    7. Down Time/Hobbies-

    Complete one sewing project.

  4. Planning just makes my heart happy. What a fun giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!

    Faith: Spend each morning with God reading my Bible and my Mother's Prayer Book. Start to intentionally pray for my husband and make it a real focus.

    Family: Soak up every minute I can with my family while in Pennsylvania. Avoid the computer and tv.

    Relationships: Prepare a meal for a friend who just had a baby.

    Home Organization: Begin to put together storyboards of what I want our renovated home/rooms to look like. Time to focus!

    Health and Fitness: Walk 4 times this week (minimum 40 minutes each walk) and attend my Weight Watcher's meeting Saturday.

    Future Planning: Order dress for Aubrey's dedication and begin to plan celebration lunch.

    Down Time: Take some time to read some of my new magazines! Such a luxury!

  5. I GFC follow *heavensent1*

    Faith - I believe in a dual nature God...I don't have much stock in idols...such as the bible and crosses and I only believe in ONE God...not any holy trinity or anything, to me, God is GOD!!
    Family - I absolutely adore my family and thank Creator for them every day...I would die for any of them!
    Relationships - I have never been married, nor do I buy into that red tape, but I have a loving and faithful man of 10 yrs. who is my rock!!
    Work - I don't work outside the home! I love doing product/book reviews!
    Health and Fitness - I dance wherever and whenever the feeling arises!!
    Finances - Never EVER enough...but I always have faith things will work out!
    Down Time - I read, or blog or carve my rocks!
    ...heavensent1@yahoo dotcom

  6. Yeah! I love the Sunday 7. I have been doing it for a few months now (thanks to you).
    This is my week:
    Faith: Continue my journey through the 31-day challenge with my iphone app Bible (I would be thrilled to accomplish this M-F this week)
    Family: 3 AT HOME Family Meals this week
    Relationships: Looking forward to dinner with some dear Scentsy Sisters I rarely see.
    Work: Finish Prep for Rockstar U
    Health and Fitness: Make it to the Gym 3 days this week
    ME Time: I consider my Bible time my ME time but also hope to complete 2 more fun tshirt scarves this week.

    There you have it-My Sunday 7! Now PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME

  7. Faith: Stay caught up with my bible study every day.
    Family: Tell each of my kiddos and my wonderful husband something I love about them each day.
    Relationships: Call one person each day just to check in.
    Work: Talk to someone about my business every day.
    Health & Fitness: Get moving everyday...even if it's a short walk.
    Finances: Don't go over budget at the grocery store.
    ME time: Read a little bit of my current book each and every day (preferably with a warm cup of coffee in hand!)

    : ) This is my 1st time doing excited.

  8. 1- FAITH- Spend 30 mins reading the bible and pray for someone everyday.
    2-FAMILY- Call my dad everyday to just to let him know I love him.
    3-RELATIONSHIPS- Write each friend a note trlling them they are important in my life.
    4- WORK- Talk to someone everyday about scentsy
    5- HEALTH & FITNESS - Drink lots more water
    6- FINANCES- Don't buy un-needed things

  9. Faith- this is a big one, I plan on spending time in prayer each day this week.

    Family- Making sure my children know each day in some way that I love them

    Husband- I plan to compliment my husband on one thing every day.

    Me- I need to work on this one most of all... which falls in line with the next one...

    Health/fitness- I am going to walk every day this week, if only for 10 minutes on my break from work.

  10. I was doing REALLY well with my Sunday 7 several months ago and my summer has caused me to fall off the here's to a fresh new start!!

    FAITH-Go to church with the family this week, read my daily Bible reading each day
    FAMILY-Do a special family outing for the day
    RELATIONSHIPS-Get along with my mom the whole time she's visiting this week, and have my husband and I say 3 reasons why we fell in love with each other to each other each day this week
    WORK-Haha...NOT work at the hospital as much this week. Get caught up on my Scentsy!
    HEALTH&FITNESS-Work out at least 2 days this week
    FINANCES-Make some changes in retirement plan
    ME TIME-Enjoy my me-time, relax, and not think about the other things I need to be doing :)

    There we go!! Hopefully each week will get better!

  11. Ok...First time doing Sunday 7 (Or Monday 6, since it's monday night???) :)
    So here it goes and this is a crazy week to start this!!! (But, gotta say that I'm doing it for that drawing!! I haven't bought my new Much Ado About You planner and could really use a new one!!! :)

    Faith - Honestly, I've been trying to start your Chazown Study. I definitely need and want to be more consistent with my quite time. I have purchased the book on my iPad and only gotten thru a tiny bit of it. So this week I want to get thru the first session!

    Family - My grandfather passed away on Sept 4 and his Memorial Service is in Florida on Friday. Aside from spending some precious time w/ my kids before I leave, I am really looking forward to extreme quality time with my grandma and extended family that I haven't seen in years. I know it will be a great time celebrating an amazing man of God!

    Relationships - I am meeting new customers at a big party tomorrow and hope to develop some great relationships and connections at that party!

    Work - I am working toward making Director this month hopefully, if not, next month :) !!! I am going to be calling past hostesses and customers who haven't ordered in a while and get them going again!

    Health & Fitness - Workout Monday (check), Tues, Wed, (Leave town Thursday-Sunday) Hope to run at least once while gone!

    Finances - ohhhhh, ouch! Sell more Scentsy to make more money and cover some of our unexpected expenses. :)

    Me Time - I get a long air plane ride by myself! Nuff Said!

    Ok, gotta admit, that was actually really nice writing all that out! I think I'm gonna have to keep doing that! Gotta love a giveaway to get me going!!!! Thanks Alli!!

  12. Love it! I'm going to get a journal and do my sunday 7's at home. Great idea.

    Faith: Get my rear end to church on Sunday!

    Family: Make Miss. Layken Rae's 1st birthday party a blast and completley enjoyable with all our family and freinds.

    Relationships: Make some specialtime with my girlfriend that just lost her job.

    Health: Get rehydrated... I'm feeling like a slug due to hydration and lack of movement.

    Fitness: Get some exercise in!

    Me Time: I literally have a dozen books that I've ordered from paperback swap and haven't cracked open one... Majorly behind. Read 3x this coming week.

    Finances: Honestly, I don't even know where to start! Ugh!

  13. This is awesome! I need to start doing a Sunday 7!
    Faith: reading my bible 7 days first thing each morning-and not whenever and keeping up with my Bible study homework. :)

    Family: Spend more time with my kiddo's. We have been so busy with everyone on their own agenda. Its Ryan's last year living at home before college.

    Relationships: So excited to develop long lasting friendships with the neat ladies in my new Bible Study on Tuesday.

    Work: Exploring new opportunities. Wanting a change from what I do now.

    Health & Fitness: Making time to walk with David everyday!

    Finances: stick with our budget, look at making some changes.
    Down Time: What is that? we are always on the go! LOL Seriously, we need to slow down. We are always busy and gone.

  14. Ok Allie I'm giving this a try! =)

    Faith: I need to work on making time to do my Bible Study homework. It is so easy for me to blow it off because I'm "busy"...usually watching tv.

    Family: I'm going to focus on spending more time with my kids. Like playing games, taking them to the park, helping with homework, etc.

    Relationships: I've been told I need to focus more on the friends that aren't just "right in front of me" like my friends that are no longer in Oklahoma. I need to reach out to my out of state friends and see how their life is.

    Work: I'm buying little gifts for my Scentsy Frontline and sending them with a Thank You card to say how much I appreciate them.

    Health & Fitness: I need to go back to the gym 3-4 days a week. I had much higher self esteem when I was and more energy.

    Finances: My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home. So I need to focus on setting a strict budget for us and sticking to to it.

    Down Time: I honestly think I've created too much down time for myself since I started staying home. I need to get my butt in gear and focusing more of my time on the 6 previous things. #1 being more time with God. More time putting my important life decisions in His hands and less time trying to control it all myself.

    I want to start a "new me" with this planner. I really need to get my life and business in order. I need to start focusing on the more important things in life and less time on my DVR! =)

  15. I need a life makeover, plain and simple! I'm constantly trying to find what will work for me, and I'm hoping this is it! The one thing I have been able to do for the last few months is my daily devotion (I love "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young!!) and reading the verses referenced. I also read one Psalm and one Proverb chapter - this is the way I start each day, but I want to do more. The rest of my day is usually spent rushing around. I have ADD so my brain just isn't wired for organization! I'm always forgetting things, and that drives me nuts. I'm a single mom with 2 kids, and it would be incredible to be more organized for them and to set a better example! I need to be able to take it with me to my regular job, to keep my family organized and work my Scentsy business!!!


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