The Sunday 7

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today, more than most, I am reminded that there is nothing more important than having our priorities in order. I know that we could all say that our week often gets away from us before we do the things that we really want to do.

Every week that I make it a priority to work through the Sunday 7, my week is more fruitful in more ways than one. I am more focused on God, on my family, and on the things that are most important to us and less focused on my "to-do list."

So this Sunday, take a moment and make a list of the 7 most important areas of your life.

Most people can categorize those areas as:

  1. Faith
  2. Family 
  3. Relationships
  4. Work
  5. Health and Fitness
  6. Finances
  7. Down Time 
Your 7 can read however you want them to. Mine often include home organization or something along those lines. 

The point is, we want to put the things that are most important to us at the top of the list. We want them to have the most focus throughout the week. 

One of the reasons I'm so passionate about the Sunday 7 is because I know that there are things that many of us are called to do or that heavy our hearts that we tell ourselves we don't have time to do. 

God has really shown me lately that with a little planning and intention, you can do far more than you ever thought possible. 

So this Sunday, I want to encourage you. Get your ducks in a row. Put the most important ones at the top of your list and make sure they get all the attention they need. 

Below you'll see my Sunday 7. I challenge you to write yours out, and then get it in your planner or your phone or something that you'll see every day. 

My Sunday 7: 
  1. Faith: 7 mornings of Bible reading....I will admit that I have not done 7 days in a row yet, but I have gotten to a solid 5 days a week. Considering the fact that about 6 months ago I hardly ever cracked my Bible, I think I'm making big progress. Going for all 7 days this week though! Also have to do the homework for both of my current Bible studies. 
  2. Family: 20 minutes of reading each day with each kiddo, 1 fun project we can all do together (this week we're making bath tub chalk), and a trip to the library. Date night with Brian.
  3. Women's Ministry: Get women plugged into life groups! Women's e-mail. Connection with leaders and new groups. 
  4. Work (Scentsy): Prep for Open House, Team meeting, and SuperStar Director Summit (next week). Contact potential recruits. Train new recruits. E-mail team and directors. 
  5. Health and Fitness: Run 3 mornings this week. Check out Barre 3 (pilates, yoga, ballet mix fitness). Plan for 4 dinners at home this week. In bed by 11:00 every night.
  6. Finances: Budget for the month, pay all bills, balance both personal and business accounts, connect with CPA, and call the IRS about 2010 taxes.
  7. Down Time: Read every night before bed, One bath this week...the total check-out kind with no interruptions. 30 of a year of writing.....

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