Settling in

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My house smells sweet. Of fruit. Kiwi and cantaloupe to be exact.

There is a canvas that my sister painted hanging in the hallway leading to my bedroom that I am keenly aware needs to be raised a good 6 inches.

I finally put a lamp, a few books, and a Scentsy warmer over the mantle in my bedroom.

And after too many months and a daily schedule that doesn't seem to allow for pictures to be hung on the walls, I'm settling in.

This house is starting to feel like home.

{Except when the heat or air is on, when it continues to smell like something died or sewer or trash. I can't quite put my finger on it.}

But besides that unaccounted for smell, this house feels like home.

There is a Bradford Pear right outside the front door covered in beautiful white blossoms, and every night at dusk the sky turns a beautiful pinkish orange color.....seriously every night.

Our neighbor across the street told us that our house sits on one of the highest points in Oklahoma county which apparently equals beautiful sunsets every night. I have no clue if that's true or not, but I'll take it.

As I'm typing, I'm wishing I had this urge and desire and yearning that I have right now to write every single night. I love looking back over my year of writing. There are so many memories. So much life lived and recorded.

It's weird how it comes and goes with me.

But back to the house.....

For someone who loves to entertain (one of my spiritual gifts is hospitality), it's taken me much longer than usual to settle in. I'll blame that on the precious little upstairs who happens to be stirring at the moment.

It feels good to settle in. It feels good to feel like home....even if that baby is waking up at midnight. : )

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