It's time

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I think it's time.

I have been battling this weird pressure about writing lately. It's why I haven't written in so long.

I've been worried about what I write being good.

Since when have I cared about that?!

I think before, it was all about this pact I had with the Lord. I would write every day. No matter what. That pact took away all the pressure of being perfect (or even making sense for that matter).

Maybe I've been struggling with the lie of perfection in everything lately.

3 months post baby, I think I need my body back, and my routine back, and normalcy back. (What is normalcy anyway?)

But thanks to a good friend, I feel better tonight about the lie that perfection is.

I spoke at Spring Sprint 2 days ago, and I have not felt good about my presentation at all. I don't know why, but I got uncharacteristically nervous. Then as I was walking out on stage, the paramedics wheeled out a woman on a stretcher. (I seriously didn't know what to do!), and I just got all thrown off my speaking game.

I think I made a couple bad jokes, and then I had no good closure at all. I think I literally said something to the effects of "and that's all I have."


Come on! I'm like a champion at good closes.

I should have just closed the thing out in prayer....but ya know, we can't always be on our A game I guess.

Anyways, I just have been feeling less than great about my presentation.

And then tonight, a good friend posted on my facebook page about how impacted her team was by the presentations at Spring Sprint, and how they've been booking parties like crazy! (which is what I talked about). And I suddenly felt so much better about myself, and the words I shared, and everything else.

It's amazing to me how much impact one person's words can have.

And it made me realize, that it's time to put words on a page again.

Not because I have anything brilliant to say, but simply because I love to write.

Looking back at my year of writing, I was completely changed by the process of writing and being open to what the Lord had for our family. So I think it's time again.

Time to be open and honest and encouraging and helpful and real.

That's all I really want to do.

You may never learn how to craft on this blog. But hopefully you'll realize that there are other people out there like you with the same struggles and doubts and fears, and that when we do life together, we're a lot more powerful against all that evil that comes our way.

The lie of perfection is what keeps us closed up and afraid to share. And when we stay closed up and don't share, we start to believe that no one else understands what we're going through or that no one else has the same struggles we do. And all those things are lies.

I'm not guaranteeing you anything close to perfection in my words. Don't expect it.

But you can expect my words to be real and honest and open.

A mom, a wife, a friend, a business owner, a teacher, a student, a child of God. That's all I know how to be. And I don't do any of them perfectly, but I do all of them the best that I can.

And in these words will lie the story of them all.

It's time to begin again.....let's kill the lie of perfection together....won't you join me?


  1. girl.... i'm so happy you are writing again. i truly felt comfortable when we met in real life because it felt like we were besties through this screen.
    i felt the exact same way about my presentation and then cried when i saw myself on camera... i want my body back too.
    but this is the life.... (typing one handed while i nursemy sweet baby girl.... hiding online, drowning out the pressures of running the household & family) but then knowing this is exactly where the Lord has me.... i have purpose and do not need perfection.
    love ya girl

    1. Oh Jari!
      How I feel and understand your heart! (And I am like a professional 1 handed typer now!) : )
      I wish so much that we could sit with our littles at a cozy coffee shop and chat for hours!
      I love you!
      Keep it up girlie.
      And yes, this....all this, is exactly where He called us to be. Love that we're living it all together.

  2. Ally,
    Yes, it's crazy "how much impact one person's words can have" on you... on me. I had a situation just this week that I allowed to eat at me for 3 days before I got the nerve up to call & found out that the words I heard weren't really the way they were meant. 3 days of stress suddenly gone. I don't know WHY I allow people to impact me in such a way, but they do. It's just the way that the Lord made me.

    I totally get that yearning inside to write again. I have had that yearning pulling at me for the last year and as of last week I started to blog again. It's coming slowly and I haven't really found my niche of WHAT to write about, but at least I am doing it again. There is just something SO Therapeutic about writing. Getting your thoughts down on paper. Being able to say things in words & thought on paper that you aren't able to express with words from the mouth. It's crazy, but I love it and I miss it.

    So know, that I am on this journey with you, all the while taking my own same journey... I'd love if you joined me!

    (PS, can I just say, the thing that I have to let go of & not obsess over while writing, is the lack of comments. LOL... I guess the impact of words said & not said, both get me. )
    Hollie R.
    (aka: Groovewoman
    at -

    1. Hollie,
      I'm so glad to hear that you're writing again too! I'm so proud of you. It's hard to put your heart and soul on the line, but also so incredibly therapeutic. I feel ya!
      And yes, I will absolutely join you! I'd love to! : )
      Wishing I could hug your neck and sit across from you at coffee too!

    2. Ally,
      We really do need to make that happen! LOL! We need to pick a weekend for hubs & I to come up that way. A get together is long overdue! I am all for it!

  3. Ally I've missed your blog and so happy you decided to write again. In January I did the same thing...kinda my "resolution." I decided to make a list of all the things I needed to be better at...I made that list into a blog. I'm not teaching anybody how to do anything or posting amazing recipes...I just talk. I talked about you in my very first post...about the inspiration you are to me. I too love to write...I loved it in school and was good at it. I've lost my nack and you are so great at saying just the right thing at just the right time. Since I started my blog, as simple and plain as it is, I fell into a pit and didn't write for a while. One weekend I had 3 or 4 girls from church ask me why I wasn't blogging anymore. I was so surprised! They were not only reading it, they likes it! So I picked it back up. I hope you'll read it sometime and maybe give me some pointers on how to better my blog! I love you girl!

  4. You should read this:

  5. I am SO excited that you are blogging again! Getting to hear you speak at Spring Sprint and seeing you be awesome and awesomely human all in the same moment really inspired me and made me think hard about my own need to be perfect, the best, all put together, and flawless. You maintained humor and grace and really showed the greatness in just being yourself...and it's making me think about myself and my own goals in a different way.

    I really can't thank you enough. I've booked two parties with more ease than ever before and I've been able to move through my days this week with a different kind of calm now that I've just let go. Thank you so, so, so much.

    I am so very excited you are writing again!!!!!!!!!


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