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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I have lately been so bombarded with the lie of perfection that I think I mentioned a few days ago.

The Lord has been working on me so much over the past week when it comes to tearing down the wall of lies built up around me concerning perfection.

Our pastor, Craig Groeschel, just wrote a new book called Altar Ego that is about becoming who God says we are. He mentioned in his 1st sermon over the book on Sunday how we are constantly comparing our "behind the scenes" to everyone else's highlight reels.

No one ever takes pictures of their dirty house to post on facebook. There are only pictures of smiling kids on instagram. From the pictures many of us post on social media, you'd think we all have it together all the time.

But this is so far from the truth. It's one of the lies the devil would like us to believe.....everyone else is're the only one who can't get it together.

They're all lies. But we walk around believing them. We keep comparing our worst to everyone else's best. That's not fair at all.

So to combat this issue, I thought I should show you some behind the scenes.

This is my laundry room on Sunday night. Days and days worth of clothes. In my "perfect" world (the one I would post about on facebook) I would do a load of laundry a day and those clothes would get put away every night and all would be perfect inside our picket fence. Ha!

But it doesn't work that way. I do 1-2 loads a day, but they don't always get put away. That's just the reality. So instead of feel bad about it, I decided to come up with a plan that would end in a "small win" for me. A small win is something that is easily done that helps you feel better about the work you've done and the time you've invested in something. (Small wins also work great in your business, but that's a post for another day). 


My small win looks like this: Every Sunday, I know there is going to be a collection of clean clothes in the laundry room. So instead of beating myself up about the things I'm not doing every day of the week (putting away the clean clothes), I come up with a plan that allows me to win in the end.

Sunday is my zero out day. That means everything starts over at zero on Sunday. I may not get the clean laundry put away throughout the week, but I know that on Sunday I will. When it all gets put away on Sunday, it becomes a small win for me. I feel good about what I've done, and I have a fresh start to my week.

I know this sounds so simple. But I think we too often beat ourselves up about what we think we should be doing instead of searching out systems that work better for us.

I've had a long standing tradition of synching all my calendars on Sunday. You may know this from the Sunday 7 and Daily Planning posts I've made in the past. Every Sunday, I sit down and plan out all those "small wins" I want to make happen throughout the week. Every Sunday is a fresh start with a new plan and a new perspective. 

So from here on out, I'm done with the race to perfection. Instead I'm focused on those small wins that lead to larger wins that ultimately lead to a life well lived.

My small win goals this week are:
  • make the bed everyday this week
  • run 5x 
  • write 3x
  • get in God's word 5x 
  • make memories with my kids
  • love my husband
  • do today well (everyday) 
They're little things that matter so much.

Where would you like to see small wins in your life this week? Remember that small wins lead to bigger wins, and when we focus on the small wins, we eliminate the desire to reach perfection.

Screw perfection. Doing today well is all that really matters. 


  1. What planner do you use? I really like the way that one appears to be laid out...

    1. Hi Nicole,
      I use a Much Ado About You planner. But she isn't selling pre-printed planners anymore. You will be able to buy the layout to print on your own beginning in 2013.
      But you can find a good planner at or there are lots of good planners on etsy too.

    2. Etsy was such a good suggestion. I think I just found my dream planner!

  2. girl... this is CRAZY!!! I was just talking to Joel about this EXACT same thing today. I swear we share the same brain!
    I actually had a breakDOWN that led to a breakTHROUGH today - that included small 'goals' (win as you say) that will ultimately lead to the big 'goals' (wins) and make it seem like I'm making progress in life.
    from laundry to cooking, health and fitness, schooling to nursing and loving on my family more. I love the small wins.

  3. oh and one thing that helps me stay in focus about each day living well - - my pastor always says "each day you are becoming who you will be forever." i love that. small wins... yep, love it!


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