I'll take a white picket fence with a slice of imperfection on the side, please

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One of my biggest problems is that I battle with wishing I had or did what other people have or do.

Anyone else?

I went to that networking luncheon today and I had to prep myself before walking in the door.

I knew that the house would be beautiful. I knew that the hostess would be well put together. I knew that there was a chance that jealousy would cloud my afternoon.

So I prepped myself.

I promised myself that I would not compare. I promised myself that I would not lust. Period.

And low and behold! You know what happened?! I didn't!

Yes, the house was beautiful. And yes, the hostess looked great. And yes, the food was delicious, and I felt welcomed and well cared for while there.

But while sitting in the living room with a dozen or so other women all involved in small businesses, it became so utterly clear to me that we're all just human. We're all doing our best with our circumstances, with our current situations, and regardless of how we look on the outside, there is a little side of imperfection to us all.

And it was incredibly comforting.

When we can take away the false assumption that we're going to live a life encircled by a white picket fence and acknowledge that the fence is just a false representation of an idyllic and carefree life that none of us really led, we can be free to be authentic and real with those around us.

When we pretend that the white picket fence exists in our life and everything is as it should be always, what we're really doing is making others feel less about themselves.

Look, none of us have it together. Everyone walks a tough road at some time or another, but there is a lot of freedom in remembering that we're all human.

Comparison and jealousy will kill your business, your faith, and your self esteem in an instant.

So just remember, no matter how straight and perfect the fence looks, there is a side of imperfection to all of us. And honestly, that's what I love about people. We all have a story. We all have a fear. We all have a battle to fight and a victory to win.

There is nothing wrong with a white picket fence. I just prefer mine with a side of imperfection.  

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